MSN: Beyond Human Contact

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Dear Pecan Park Eagle Blog Readers:

Here’s the short version of my little story of the day in these parts: After twelve plus years on the Internet, I have a brand new primary e-mail address and it is – You may have to cut and paste the new address to render it usable, but please do. I won’t be using MSN’s Hotmail any longer than it takes me today to finish the transfer of  all my baseball research correspondence folders and past blog column folder information from the old site to the new.

(OK, I’m not doing the actual data transfer myself. My 27-year old much geekier son Neal is doing it, but I’m watching the process intently.)

What happened at Hotmail is this. – After five years of blog notice email broadcasting from my Hotmail site to friends and subscribers about the posting of new columns, all of a sudden, the MSN service provider could not tell the difference between me and spammers that use these sites to push Viagra and quick profits on gold coins. They started blocking me out of my site about once or twice a month and, each time they did, they put me though this horrendous process of proving my identity before they allowed me back.

I tried to explain to Hotmail what I was doing in written form, but I received no response. Along the way, I learned that MSN, like many Internet service providers, does not offer direct human contact by phone. Yo either work it out their may through the machines or you go to the robot-run help forums to seek answers from other user to what they call “common problems.”

My son Neal says G-Mail is a much better answer. – We’ll see. – And I will keep adjusting my expectations in the brave new world of the Internet to the realities of my personal experience. My generation received one strong trait education that survives to help us most through the lessons of this kind of thing on the Internet.-  We used to call it perseverance.

At any rate, please change my e-mail address in you address box. Thanks. And have a great 4th of July.

Come see the Houston Babies play the Katy Combine in 1860’s-rules vintage base ball at 10 AM on the 4th of July at the George Ranch near Sugar Land.

And speaking of the Fourth, come see us tomorrow at the George Ranch. The Houston Babies and the Katy Combine will be celebrating out American Independence Day in the old-fashioned spirit of vintage base ball at 10 AM and we invite all of you to come watch. Vintage ball is the closest thing that baseball history has to a Garden of Eden and Big Bang. and, if you ever had fun on the sandlot as a kid, get ready for the most fun you’ve watched in a very long time.

And, who knows, your next step may be to get into the game somewhere yourself the next time.



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One Response to “MSN: Beyond Human Contact”

  1. Bob Hulsey Says:

    Hotmail (MSN), GMail (Google) and Yahoo! mail are all pretty much the same. You get what you pay for. Incidentally, your initial GMail email showed up in my Spam folder and I had to move it to “Not Junk” after verifying it was not a spammer, so be prepared.

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