Dear Carlos Lee:

Dear Carlos Lee:

Thank you for your nearly six years of service to our Houston Astros. Many of us hope you’ve gotten a lot more from your nearly one hundred million dollars in pay than we’ve gotten as fans in the purchase of playoff and World Series tickets during your stay here, but having said that, don’t get me wrong. It certainly wasn’t all your fault. You would have been a fool not to have taken that deal. One Hundred Million Dollars for six years of play was a really fat one for a man of your prospective qualifications back in 2006.

Besides, today’s big pacts all share this common trait package: The salaries are guaranteed. The celebrations are not.

You did what you did for your family and yourself. You even acquired a nice ranch property down in Wharton, no more than an hour’s drive from Minute Maid Park in Houston. That’s a pretty easy drive south on Highway 59 after games on long home stands too. You’ve got the quiet of the country, plus the opportunity to carry on a little horse and cattle business, even during the season. Who could blame you for hesitating on your right to make the yes/no call on the trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers. We get that comfort zone factor too, Carlos. We really do.

The trouble is, after not even 48 hours of being put on hold, the Dodgers apparently have decided to do with you what I recently did with an overdue pizza that got hung up in the kitchen. On that one, I decided that I could live without the pizza that probably sounded better at first than I really knew it would be of much help to me. So, I cancelled the order.

And now, apparently, the Dodgers have done the same with their offer to the Astros for you.  They got tired of waiting on you to make up your mind to approve the trade, but, like me with the hung-up pizza offer, it gave them pause to think. And guess what? Upon further review, the Dodgers have decided they can live without you.

That outcome both saddens and disappoints. It’s sad to think that you have given up the chance to be a difference-maker for the Dodgers in their drive to take the NL West, and then to win the playoffs and maybe even the World Series. Some of us would have rooted for to do well there, but that possibility is now off the table.

It disappoints because, based on the Astros road game woes and their current broom treatment by the Cubs, the club appears to be on their way to NL Central bottom. And now we know that you probably are only here because of your comfort zone with that one-hour drive to the ranch after Houston home games. And where does that leave the Astros and us fans?

Carlos, please, if Jeff Luhnow has enough magic left in him to come up with another deal, please take it! Help us get something out of the fact that you most likely won’t be here again in 2013. If you don’t go by way of some deal before season’s end, all we will have is the memory of you as the guy who wouldn’t leave, and for what?

I don’t men to sound so impersonal, but baseball is a business, right? Of course this part of it is – and we fans play a part in the business side of things too, don’t we?

We fans have opinions too. The difference is – the owners negotiate with the networks and the players through their agents, but nobody deals directly with us fans, We fans are the demand voice of the marketplace. Baseball supplies us with the game and its bi-products at certain market prices. If the smart folks that run things are right, the demand for those services and products will be picked up the public’s willingness to pay the bill.

When we Astros fans see Jeff Luhnow trying to trade you, we know that our GM is simply doing all he can to help the future of the club and that it is not an act of disrespect or failed appreciation for your past contributions that directs him to seek a trade. It’s all business in these matters and you understand that part of the game too. We fans expect Mr. Luhnow to try and move any older player with some value now, but no real future in the current rebuilding plan. We fans hope you will help the long-term goal goal too, even if it mean’s sacrificing some personal convenience in the short term.

Carlos, you are not helping the club by standing pat. On the other hand, the team is helped by every little piece that is picked up as a potential building block to the future. 2013 doesn’t matter. The Astros have nothing to  win or prove through the standings in 2013. As Bill Veeck once said, we can finish last without you.

Regards & Good Luck,

Bill McCurdy

The Pecan Park Eagle


2 Responses to “Dear Carlos Lee:”

  1. Marsha Franty Says:

    Amen, Amen, Brother Bill!

  2. Patrick Lopez Says:

    Overweight and overpaid ,

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