“I See Red People”

You didn't need a sixth sense to see all the red people at Robertson on Saturday, Nov. 19th.

“I see red people,” said the sign of the little lady carrier as thousands of us traipsed our way across the UH campus to find our seats in the time torn relic that is Robertson Stadium for now. In a parody of the iconic line from Bruce Willis’s “The Six Sense” movie of the late 1990s, the cute and designing young Cougar coed who brought it must have been a history buff. She wasn’t old enough to even have seen the title when it first came out. Dolled out in the favorite red herself on this splash of brilliant blood splash color against a charcoal gray November sky in H Town, the kiddo will need to go even deeper into Hollywood history to find an iconic movie line that best fits what she also must have seen once we finally made our mass fan way into teetering old Rob on this national attention lusting weekend in UH history.

“We’re going to need a bigger boat,” comes to mind.

32,207 was a record football gate for Robertson Stadium on the UH campus in Houston yesterday, 11/19/11, as the Houston Cougars knocked of the SMU Mustangs, 37-7, to extend their collegiate football record run behind QB Case Keenum to 11-0-0. Keenum now holds the NCAA football record for most career pass completions to go along with his collection of several other marks established this season. The previous NCAA record for career pass completions was 1,403, held by Graham Harrell of Texas Tech. Case Keenum of UH now has 1,427 pass completions and broad range for more climbing with the 2011 season left open to a final scheduled game against Tulsa and a league championship game added, if the Cougars win that one. Tack on the bowl game that’s sure to follow, no matter what, and Keenum has three more games to pad his record totals in several areas of performance.

Case Keenum

The whole day radiated with the energy that now drives the University of Houston from the formal pursuit of its long deserved recognition as a Tier One academic university to its current comeback as a force in collegiate athletics at the highest level. Chancellor Renu Khator, our university leader since 2009, deserves all the credit here as the dual driving force behind all the major advances that have occurred on her watch, including the significant hiring of UH Athletic Director Matt Rhoads, who already has driven Cougar alumni $60 milliton dollars deep into the $120 million or so it will need to build that bigger boat of a football venue on the site where Robertson Stadium now stands. An additional $40-$50 million dollars will be raised to bring UH’s basketball venue and other athletic facilities up to par with what they need to be in this second decade of the 21st century. I’m sure that ongoing costs and needs will be variable and adjusted along the way to the entire project’s completion, and that includes plans for ongoing maintenance and renovation of facilities as needed.
I’m not going to lie. I’d love to see UH beat Tulsa next Friday and then knock off Southern Miss for the C-USA Crown, an undefeated 13-0-0 season, and a high BCS position in of the top bowls. If it doesn’t happen, however, it takes nothing away from the new spirit and drive for excellence on campus. UH has become one of the great centers of research and learning in several fields now and that range of excellence is expanding by the day.

The Lady in Red: UH Chancellor Renu Khator.

On the ambience side, I am tickled by all the bright, shiny, and diversely ethnic faces that now cross Cullen to follow the Cougars in football with great and bursting red passion. Although we were never the totally cold commuter school that our rivals once tried to paint us, UH is now really moving to develop graduates who remain involved with the university post graduation. All you had to do to see the embryo of that birth was to have been there at the game yesterday. The Cougar face of tomorrow is mixed, but tenaciously united behind the Houston version of “Big Red.” At UH, they market it as “The Redvolution.”
I see the energy focus upon excellence in education at UH as being both attractive and contagious to all who feel passionately strong about learning and pushing back the boundaries of ignorance, illiteracy, social injustice, poverty, and all the “isms” of hate and cruelty that some people use to condemn and abuse people who differ from them because of their “otherness.”
The University of Houston is now finding recognition for what it has always been. Check it out. You won’t simply see red people. You will mainly see well-read people. These people also exist at places like Rice, UT, AM, and Tulane, but UH has them as well in great and growing numbers. These well-read people just prefer the color red as their own signature on united otherness among the great forests of collegiate athletics and academia.

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