Old Friend and ESPN Visit UH on Same Weekend

Old friend Dr. Don Matlosz (L) of Fresno State visiting with me Friday, Nov. 18th, at the same time the ESPN College Game Day crew is setting up their weekend show at UH in the background behind us.

Yesterday for me was one of those golden days we get to enjoy in life every now and then, All I had to do was drive out to UH for a long lunch with my best friend from my doctoral studies days at UT, Dr. Don Matlosz of Fresno State. Don “happened” to be in town for an important university business conference on the Friday preceding the big UH-SMU football game at Robertson Stadium today.

Matlosz and I share a common academic background. We were both undergrad psychology majors from UH before pursuing our masters degree work elsewhere. We both ended up doing our doctoral work through the UT School of Public Health in Houston. Don is staying over for the SMU game. I can only hope that he ditches the UT cap prior to game time. We had not seen each other in about 22 years so we had a lot of catching up to do at lunch in the on-campus Hilton Hotel.

Don Matlosz is an amazing guy. He played a little baseball at UH as an undergrad left-handed pitcher, eventually losing his spot on the roster to a young fellow named Bill Worrell, the now veteran broadcaster of Rockets basketball fame. At nearly 70, Matlosz still swims four miles a day every morning. He had just completed his aquatic commitment prior to our lunch – and then he only ordered a chicken salad and water for his middle of the day repast.  – I didn’t do too bad, I got by with the chicken salad croissant and a bowl of fruit, plus iced tea.

At lunch, and in the one hour campus walk we took afterwards, we talked at leisure of many things, of “fool’s gold and sealing wax,’ and “of cabbages and kings,” as the old lyrical description goes. It was amazing at how many life businesses we had each settled internally in very similar ways:

Hitting tiny rocks with a broomstick in the backyard can make you a better hitter when you get older. – Don’t expect a woman’s love to help you feel whole about yourself. Learn to feel whole about yourself on your own first and you will then likely find a woman you are capable of loving in good faith as a whole person and not see her erroneously as your “fix.”. – The saddest casualty of the Penn State sexual abuse scandal is that it most likely will further discourage many healthy people from serving as role models to kids in various kid social programs out of fear that their motivations for helping may be misunderstood. The kids lose again, as indeed, we all seem to be losing out on the availability of  really good people for service in public office. All we seem to be getting these days are an inordinate number of selfishly driven, not-always-too-bright opportunists who want to be president for all the worst reasons. – The older we get, the more we only want to spend our time or hang out with people who genuinely love what they do. People who do what they do simply to make money, or because they want to impress others, tend to bore folks to bejabberment. – Baseball is still the toughest game in the world to play well. – The DH sucks, but most fans have grown up with it and don’t know any better. – It’s great fun being a Cougar this weekend. Case Keenum plays QB like the second coming of Joe Montana. – As older guys, we have to keep the old body moving, or else, it stops moving at all. Same is true for the mind and brain. Use them or lose them. – Celebrate each day that you wake up on the top side of the grass too. Never take the clock for granted. – Live each day as fully as possible in the here and now. We cannot capture what is yet to be with our promises. We cannot regain what might have been with our regrets. Whatever it is you need to do, do it now. There is no other time for it.

Life is good.

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One Response to “Old Friend and ESPN Visit UH on Same Weekend”

  1. Joe Biundo Says:

    Bill, I appreciate receiving your pieces of wisdom . I have sent them on to my children. Most people rarely rationally identify and weigh the essential factors of good decision making.
    Joe Biundo

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