The Astros’ Next to Last 2011 Hurrah

Sept. 27, 2011: In their next to last game of the season, the 2011 Houston Astros blew a 5-0 lead and took a 13-6 whacking from the St. Louis Cardinals for their record (so far) 105th loss of the year.


The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Astros nine last May,

With Drayton selling off the team and Jim Crane here, they say,

The deal ran into questions on war profits and fair play,

And Selig threw the dad gum thing into profound delay.



Meanwhile, the team kept losing – and trading off its stars,

And losses found the pile-on gear – and towered clear to Mars,

And when the deed was said and done – with one game left to play,

The losses stacked to 105 – with Crane still held at bay.



We’ve got some good young players now – and some of us can wait,

Til they grow up – to play their best. – We’ll still support the gate.

But get Crane in – or get him out. – Let’s get the owner settled.

And cut the AL/DH talk – and don’t mistake our metal.



A bunch of us are NL first – and ONLY NL too,

And we won’t make the games at all – for Selig’s AL brew,

The DH ain’t the game we love – and we won’t hang around,

To watch that sorry rule used here. – On that – we stand our ground.



“Give us baseball – or give us death,” – in Patrick Henry fashion.

An owner we trust – and a passion to bust – and no mo NL trashin.’

Give us the best! – Get out-of-the-way! – Then, watch that gate spin wild.

We’ve still got a champion’s title to take. – We’re tired of baseball-mild.

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