Headlining the Texans’ Sainted Loss

Heartache’s sad  headlines – all tell the tale,

Sunday was lost – ‘fore our ship could win-sail.

That’s a neaux geaux – read the Chronicle lines,

Houston’s fond hope – must again ride the pines.



Schaub was good, Brees was great,

Stumbling and rumbling, they sounded debate,

With no time to chew – and hard masticate,

Matt lost his cud – in the 4th quarter gate.



Casey earns the spotlight – no question of that,

Big James is a winner – a hard-rumbling cat,

He blocked, caught, and ran – made a diving snatch too,

We’re going to hear more – ‘fore this young man is through.



And sleek man, Sir Andre – was Johnson enough,

To turn out the lights on the “who dat?” crowd stuff,

But he can’t do it all – with a fake – and a bluff,

Gotta get him the ball – when the going gets tough.



The big missing headline – is easy to see,

Even for base-balling people like me,

You can’t win in football – philosophically,

By Going for Seven – and Settling for Three.

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2 Responses to “Headlining the Texans’ Sainted Loss”

  1. Matthew Miggins Says:


    Thanks for sharing. You are as much a master with words as Brees is with the football. Thanks for jumpstarting my brain this fine morn’.
    I look forward to your “Casey at the Bat” modified for football. 😉 He was special yesterday.


  2. Tom Trimble Says:

    My suggestion: hereafter all Texans are to wear #25 to make it at least a little more difficult for the opposing QB to discern the real Kareem Jackson.

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