In The Big Inning …

In the beginning, the Lord said: “Adam, take these two baseballs and this crazy old lady Eve with you – and go out into that lush and feral pasture that I have already given unto you earlier – and thusly, amuse your hearts, minds, and souls to the brink of rapture by playing  the greatest game I shall ever invent for you – now or ever.

And so Adam and Eve did as God bade unto them. Adam took up  his two balls – and his old bat Eve – and they each strolled hand-in-hand together – down Paradise Lane at the break of this new dawn – and out into the Garden of Eden – the one finely manicured pasture with a Green Monster in left field.

“Who – or what – is that emerald shaded creature, anyway,” Adam cried aloud to Eve as he beheld the attractive creature-structure located some 315 feet away from the dish located nearby where they happened to have stopped, at the place they would learn in time that God called Home.

“its name is Temptation,” Eve answered wryly. “God placed it there to remind all of us swingers that we are each free to flail away at life’s juiciest apples all we want – just as long as we shall also recall, each time we do, the consequences of short-distance, or short-term, thinking.”

“And what, pray tell, does that mean?” Adam asked quizzically.

“It simply means that anytime we try to drench ourselves with instant ecstasy, glory, or satiation by one mighty swing of the bat, simply because happiness suddenly appears to be an easy distance away, that we are more likely to come up short in our actions – and left painfully yearning for more of  the wrong thing – and bringing us one more fang-lock closer to the same snake that bit us in the first place,” Eve answered.

“Durn you!” cried Adam, as he dropped to his haunches, with his elbows now braced on his knees – and with his knuckled hands now supporting  his jaws for a long, baleful look out onto the field of play.

“”What’s the matter with you, Adam,” whispered Eve ,as she placed a supportive left hand upon his slumped over right shoulder.

“You gave me too much to think about,” Adam answered.

“So?” Eve asked.

“So, now I won’t be able to hit at all,” Adam mumbled. “A man can’t be expected hit and think at the same time, can he?”

“I suppose not,” Eve mused. Then they both paused, falling into silence as easily as butter melting into hot toast..

For a long while, the hunched-over Adam and the standing-still Eve remained quietly  together,  gazing collectively across the playing field, but never losing their attractive awareness of the green enigma in left.

Finally, Eve broke the silence with a smile..

“Hand me your stick, Adam,” Eve said.”Maybe I can teach you how to use it intelligently.”

And that’s the way things were – as Adam and Eve first headed toward the big inning.

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