Base Ball To Day

This "Base Ball To Day" photo was taken by W.O. McCurdy, Publisher and Editor of The Beeville Bee weekly in Beeville, Texas, sometime near the Turn of the 20th Century. (Can you read the street banner?)

Wagons creak and old friends speak,

Bouncing their laughter on the merry oblique,

Down dusty Washington, sheered cheek-to-cheek,

In the land of the bold – and no prize for the meek.

It’s “Base Ball To Day” – ‘gainst the Goliad Goliath!

The Beeville Bees need their very top tryith

To win this big game of bat, ball, and base,

Then to dance into night all over the place!

The game’s played for fun – but the fun is to win,

Anything less – falls a shade into sin,

‘Cause “Base Ball To Day” crawls under the skin,

And it gets you, old friend! – So “Cole Porter” on in!

Night and Day, Baseball – You are the One!

Only you, beneath the moon, and under the sun!

Whether near to me – or far!

Makes no difference where you are – I think of you,

… Base Ball To Day!

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3 Responses to “Base Ball To Day”

  1. mike Says:

    Goliad Goliath? Metaphoric or did Goliad have a team?

    • Bill McCurdy Says:


      I am forced to fall upon the blade of my own petard, Since childhood, I have lived with names I gave to teams from my own early life imagination. Rather than go to the one line answer here, I will divulge the whole dynamic process in tomorrow’s blog. The Goliath of Goliad, a team I referenced most often by their more Plebian identity, the Goliad Giants, lived hard and high as a mighty player in that “league of my own.”

      Thanks for waking the echoes – and shaking the thunder of a living memory.

  2. Prsley,Budgie, Sharp Says:

    Good Job, enjoyed!!

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