Remembering the Buffs

Houston Buffs Forever!


The thundering hooves of memory,

Stir our souls to rise and roar,

In hot pursuit of destiny,

On passion’s fiery shore.


And so it was with baseball,

In sandlot games galore,

Inspired by human buffaloes,

Into the ball bats tore.


We played from light to fading sight,

Our twilight whisper game,

And then we slept to rise again,

And play till we fell lame.


And if the day shall come for us,

When echoes call the herd,

We’ll race with all abandon,

To the place it once occurred.


“Pick up your glove and follow me!”

Is the order of our day.

“It’s time to play the game for keeps!”

Our hearts can’t wait till May.


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4 Responses to “Remembering the Buffs”

  1. David Munger Says:

    Have you ever tallied up how many Ex-Buffs are in the Hall of Fame
    or made a Major League All-Star Team? Just curious, some real studs passed through The Bayou City.

    • Bill McCurdy Says:


      The ex-Buff MLB All Stars are numerous, but I don’t have a count. Seven Buffs went on to the Hall of Fame and are listed here by name and their years of service in Houston. They are: Tris Speaker (1907), Chick Hafey, (1924), Dizzy Dean (1930-31); Joe Medwick (1931-32, 1948), Walt Alston (1937), Billy Williams (1960), and Enos Slaughter (1960).

      Slaughter is the tricky name on this list because he only got into 40 games for the 1960 Buffs as a playing manager. By this time, Slaughter already had done what he was going to do to earn the HOF and was finished as a major leaguer.

  2. Wayne Roberts Says:

    Bill, you are amazing! Sorry I’ll miss you this week at SABR but I sure enjoy these daily distractions from my routine.

  3. Brit Says:

    Just loved that poem!

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