Babies Play Rocky Horror Base Ball in Katy

Houston Babies Have Scary Day in Katy DH Loss.

Yesterday was Halloween Weekend Saturday. The way the Houston Babies played at their vintage base ball tourney in Katy, Texas left no doubt of the fact.

The boys and girl of the Houston club were a  little rusty in their first action since April, reverting to the old habit of hitting up on the ball and setting themselves up in the process for a ton of one-bounce-catch outs that took away all hope for victory against any club that is hitting straight away and gap-slashing the bejabbers out of the old round pill.

The day started out on a cheerful note.

It always seems like old times when Bob Blair pitches.

Ace Babies hurler Bob Blair pitched the Babies’ first game as visitors against the new Katy Combine club, but he had little support from a team that appeared to be suffering from the San Francisco site version of Rangeritis highlighted too recently by that more famous bunch of ballers from Arlington, Texas.

“We just couldn’t hit doodily,”  said Bob Dorrill, the mild-mannered mentor of the pediatric punching Houston Babies.

Down 3-1 with two outs in their last time up, the Babies had the tying runs on 2nd and 3rd, but couldn’t bring them home. One more lazy true-bouncing fly to left field and the game was in the can as a 3-1 Katy win in their first tourney action.

While we are kidding around (a little bit) in our loser stew, it is important we also tip our Babes caps to the Katy Business Association for putting together a Halloween Vintage Base Ball Weekend activity that took the pumpkin orange cake as a wonderful tribute to the history of the old ballgame.

Presenting the Colors.

At 10 o’clock, the day began with individual introductions of each member of the Housotn Babies and Katy Combine clubs. A scouting group then brought in the flag for a presentation of the colors as a Five State Champion barbershop quartet sang Our National Anthem. Then some kid and me were chosen to throw out and theoretically catch the first pitch of the game. The kid threw it a little wide. I retrieved it from the backstop.

After Game One, barbecue, fries, and soft drinks were served free  to all club members and we were entertained throughout the rest of the day by a talented little kid banjo band that played everything from “The Theme from Deliverance” to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Had comedian/musician Steve Martin dropped in on us yesterday, he would have felt right at home picking music with the kids.

You might have thought that all of this hoopla would have inspired our veteran Babies club to new heights in our second game after lunch against the visiting Boerne (TX) White Sox. Well, I guess it did in the sense that we used Game Two to hit some even higher one-bonce-catch outs as we also dove into a much messier job of mishandling the ball on the field. As a result, we lost Game Two of the day to Boerne by 8-4. Larry Hajduk pitched credibly against Boerne, but he got very little help from the outbreak of dropped balls and errant throws in the field – and against another club that understands that vintage ball is all about slashing the ball where the fielders “ain’t” there long enough for a one-bounce-catch out.

"We'll be back!" - Houston Babies

Yesterday’s action will be our last vintage ball play until 2011, but look for a return of the Houston Babies in even better form early next year. We’ll be back. It happens every spring.

Meanwhile today, have a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from The Houston Babies!

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One Response to “Babies Play Rocky Horror Base Ball in Katy”

  1. Mike McCroskey Says:

    Hey, remember a beautiful fall day of baseball, win or lose, beats almost any day without baseball.

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