Base Ball Today in Katy

Katy, Texas Ready for Halloween Base Ball!

It all starts today like a giant misplaced Fourth of July firecracker, one now set to explode on the day before Halloween in Katy, Texas in nippy fall weather under beautiful blue Texas autumn skies. Our Houston Babies are one of four teams participating in the one-day, loosely organized schedule in which each of the four teams will play two games, wrapping the 1860s style vintage base ball tourney around a communal lunch that I think includes hot fogs and barbecue.

The other three clubs include the Richmond Giants, the Boerne White Sox, and a new club from Katy whose name is not yet known at this late publication date. Site of the games is Katy City Park #1, located in the 2200 block of Avenue D at Franz Road in Katy, Texas. To reach the park from Houston, drive I-10 West to Katy and then take the Highway 90 exit. Follow Hwy 90N to Avenue D, turn right and proceed to the park.

The Houston Babies (Our new uniforms are much more colorful than these old digs.)

Opening ceremonies begin at 10 o’clock this morning with a Scout Commemoration ceremony and the playing of our National Anthem. Our Houston Babies play in the opener at 10:30 AM against an unspecified opponent. We will also play again in the afternoon at a time to be determined.

As one final, but very big extra, Houston baseball legend Jimmy Wynn is expected to join the Houston Babies today as our honorary team captain. Jimmy had finally heard enough from us about this base ball game that we were playing without gloves and had to come see for himself. We, of course, are all deeply honored by his desire to join with us in this beautiful and fun way to preserve baseball history.

Please join us, if possible. And look for a game results story in tomorrow’s Halloween Day version of today’s activities. We will hope, of course, that what we have left to report at the end of the day is not a horror story.

It can’t be a horror story. Babies manager Bob Dorrill would never allow it. Since this probably will be the Babies’ last playing appearance of 2010, Dorrill will have the troops grinding away at top form.

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One Response to “Base Ball Today in Katy”

  1. Sumner Hunnewell Says:

    The Cyclones, Perfectos, Lions, Brown Stockings, and Unions completed their season in St. Louis in a all-teams friendship match. The final score was unknown and no one cared as a potluck meal and liquid libations were there to soothe the season long aching muscles for those who cared to have them. Glad to hear that base ball is alive and well to the south! Sumner “Moose” Hunnewell.

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