Happy Father’s Day 2010!

Dad and Me - A Long Time Ago.

Because of you, Dad, … I got to grow up feeling safe and valued. … I had someone to teach me baseball from the time I could hold a ball in my hand. … I learned that I could reach pretty much any goal within my talent range that I was fully  willing to work for —  and that there were no free rides on the road to happy destiny. …. Because of you, because of your down-to-earth everyday example, I also had it affirmed for me that it is better to be kind and loving with people  than cruel and exploitative in my relations with others. …  even, and maybe even especially, when I’m fighting hard for something I believe in.

And thanks more than anything for helping me make my peace with the fact that no one in this world is perfect and that it is better to try to learn from our mistakes than it is to try to play the game of life as though mistakes were not possible.

In baseball parlance, none of us are going to catch all of the balls that are hit our way in life. The goal is to learn from the physical and mental errors we make for the sake of cutting some out and others way down on our list of things we do. Life is like a journey on Houston’s worst streets in the East End. We don’t start missing the potholes until we’ve first hit and felt a few as drivers.

On the 7th of July, it will be sixteen years since we said goodbye, Dad. Had you lived, you would he beaded toward your 100th birthday on December 23rd.

Just wanted you to know that I still miss you, but that I’m also grateful to God for the dad he gave me. You came with more gifts of wisdom by example than I could ever totally list or thank you for. Please know that I’m hanging in there, still working hard into my latter years at being the best true version of me that I can be. For me, the job of self-learning is a humbling experience. As for you – you will always be my biggest hero. That role of you in my life never changes. It just gets celebrated with greater clarity every year when Father’s Day again rolls around.

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One Response to “Happy Father’s Day 2010!”

  1. Larry Ross Says:

    Thanks for saying so beautifully today, what so many of us are thinking about our Dads – and stumbling with the right words.

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