2010: The Dawning of a New Day!

Happy New Year again, Dear Friends,

From smack dab in the middle of today!

At the dawning of 2010, it might be well for us

To spend a few seconds reflecting upon some ancient truths

About promises and resolutions; apologies and regrets:

We cannot capture what is yet to be

With our promises.

We cannot regain what might have been

With our regrets.

We cannot reach tomorrow faster than

The unpromising sun.

Nor can we hold onto yesterday

With our tears.

Life is always, here and now, today,

The place that empowers us with wisdom

From the past, as it prepares us for the future

With a more workable vision of what is to be.

Let us live today, not by how we simply pass the time,

But by how we put ourselves fully, heart and soul,

Each single day we wake up breathing life’s new air,

Into the loving passions of our lives over time.

Can today be enough of life for each of us?

It had better be. It is all we have and it is very large.

Today only seems small when we fail to realize

How truly big it really is.

Today is the universe of our human experience,

Where all things play out on the basis of what

We each do – and fail to do, about the stuff that matters,

Here and now – from today to forever.

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