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Morti’s Reprieve

May 12, 2016


Morti McCurdy In His Puppy Years

Morti McCurdy
In His Puppy Years



Part One of this little McCurdy Family Soap Opera appeared as yesterday’s column: World’s Tallest Caterpillar


Part Two: Morti’s Reprieve

Things took an unexpected turn in the vet’s office this afternoon. Because Morti is still eating well; not coughing the way animals with cancers that have spread to the lungs do; not incontinent in any way; and because he is still alert and enjoying our company; the vet presented us with the idea that euthanasia is still an “option” at this point – and not a “requirement.”  After the examination today, the vet could only tell us that the visible bone mass growth on the stomach side of Morti’s  left hind leg is “probably cancerous” – since no lab tests have been performed to confirm that opinion. And if it is cancerous, it “most certainly” will continue to grow and create issues of pain and change that cannot be ignored. When, or if, that happens, “putting Morti down” will become the “requirement” we thought it would be today.

Then the vet added the fact that he could still go ahead and put Morti to sleep today, if that is what we chose to do. And that statement had to be weighed against the vet’s other statement this afternoon that he was surprised to see Morti doing “this well for this long” since his our first consult about the early stages of the problem back in January 2016.

Given that much wiggle room on something I dreaded doing today, anyway, I opted to bring Morti home as we best like him – in the living, still loving and trusting state. Of course, I tried to call Norma and bring her into the decision too, but she had her cell on silence – and I had to make the call for all of us. And, even though I know that decision has set us up for another day of this torture down the line, it will be easier for me to do when we know there is no choice for life that works for Morti at all. – For now, however, his innocent eyes still say, “Love me. And be with me.” And so we shall continue to be, whether it’s only for a few more days – or a few more weeks. For as long as we can help him breathe in every last moment of goodness about life, we shall do so. And Norma agrees with me, which I was sure she would.

If I had avoided the option the vet gave me today, and gone ahead with the procedure, it would have been to selfishly save me from another 24 hours like the one we just had. Now Morti has the precious opportunity for a little more loving time in life. And we get to enjoy it with him.

My apologies for pulling all of you into this little big moment in our personal life, but it felt good to me – and it also helped support me through the past 24 hours. Those who commented or e-mailed their word of support are especially appreciated, but it wasn’t necessary for you all to write. I know you are out there. I feel your presence on a daily basis.

I won’t write any more columns on this subject, but I will find space somewhere down the line to get the word out on the final resolution, whenever that is.

In the meanwhile, I will be taking off a few days from daily column writing. My energies are needed elsewhere for now.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas