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Michael Hogue’s Portrait of Willie Mays

October 10, 2011

The following art and text by Michael Hogue of The Dallas Morning News is reproduced here in The Pecan Park Eagle by written permission from Michael Hogue. Today’s next to final portrait in this series features a look at Willie Mays, the “Say-Hey” kid and arguably greatest center fielder in the history of all baseball, black, white, or whatever. Willie Mays will always be remembered as a Giant, regardless of his final fumbling season as a Met. From New York to San Francisco, he was the A&P oceanic answer to “who was the last and first great man in either central pasture to play this game as a Giant on both of our east-west coasts?” Willie Mays hit 660 career home runs as a major leaguer.

Willie Mays is our “Offering # 13″ in this series and a continuation of this fine Texas artist’s work, Portraits of the Negro Leagues. Today’s subject will leave us with one old Negro Leagues subject to go after today and you may even be able to figure out in advance who that Wednesday, October 12th, subject is going to be. He was a significant gate-crosser from the world of black baseball and into the formerly all white game of so-called organized baseball. – Thank you again, Michael, and for the umpteen hundredth time, for allowing The Pecan Park Eagle to further share the beauty and joy of your work with those readers who care about the Negro Leagues and their place in baseball history.

For more on Michael Hogue’s work, check out his website:

Willie Mays, Outfielder, Negro Leagues, 1948-49, Major League Baseball, 1951-1973, Baseball Hall of Fame, 1979.


Willie Mays by Michael Hogue of The Dallas Morning News

“(Willie) Mays broke into the (Negro Leagues) ranks at age 16 with (the) Birmingham (Black Barons). He played only on Sundays during the school year. After two seasons, he signed with the majors’ New York Giants.”