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May 4, 2010

Architectural Art at the UH College of Optometry.

Sometimes I take a break from baseball history to pursue some of my other hobbies. Photography tops that list – although it most often only takes me into baseball from a perspective beyond words.

Yesterday I took Norma to the UH campus for some follow-up neurological evaluation on her 2009 brain surgery. She’s doing well, but the time on campus gave me an opportunity to roam around again and do a little freehand shooting of whatever struck me. Although it doesn’t always work out this way, yesterday I couldn’t get past an intriguing sculpture in front of the College of Optometry where my wife’s doctor offices. In the bright clear light of Monday, May 3rd, the lines and shadows of the thing just grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let it go.

I got started with a Brownie box camera like the one in the photo. (As a point of reference, that's Herb Pennock of the '27 Yankees holding the large American flag.)

I don’t why my parents turned me loose with a camera when I was only about ten, but I will be forever grateful that they did. I’ll also forever regret that we “forgot” to get film before going to see that great game at Buff Stadium in April 1951 between the New Yank Yankees and the Houston Buffs. Those pictures I could have taken from our “on the ropes” standing room only position in left center remain in my mind like film I cannot take to Walgreens for development. ¬†With a film-loaded Brownie Box, I could have captured Joe DiMaggio up close in center – and gotten a pretty good distant shot of 18-year old Mickey Mantle in right.

Oh well, the experience taught me a lesson: Never go anywhere without a camera. You never know what opportunities you may miss.

About ten years ago, I started posting all my baseball and other photo albums on Webshots.Com. Now, almost a million hits later, I’m still plugging away at it, although I do not generate as many new albums as I once did because of other time devotions, but I will get around to it a little more often in the near future. Photography is an old habit with me. It will be around for me as long as I’m around to enjoy doing it.

If you would like to check out my Webshots collection, cut and paste the link site here as follows:

Have a nice day, Everybody!