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Toy Cannon Signing at Barnes and Noble

February 13, 2011

Barnes & Noble Deerbrook Hosted Toy Cannon Book Signing, Feb. 12.

Saturday, February 12, 201, Lincoln’s real birthday, broke as the warmest, sunniest day we’ve enjoyed in the greater Houston area in some time. Houstonians did not miss the opportunity to get out and do something special – and many of those who happened to long-time Houston Colt .45 and Astro baseball fans chose to celebrate the day by attending the Jimmy Wynn talk and book signing at the Barnes & Noble Deerbrook Mall site from 3-5 PM.

Cliche to say, “a good time was had by all.”

Jimmy signed copies of his book, “Toy Cannon: The Autobiography of Baseball’s Jimmy Wynn,” and other items that fans brought with them, and fans responded by buying many copies of the book, with several also purchasing an extra gift copy for someone else. One fan alone purchased four copies that Jimmy then patiently signed to specific individuals.

As Savannah Sweeney wrote on Jimmy Wynn's Facebook wall, and this young man also discovered, "I went and he's so nice!" Jimmy Wynn is one of the nicest people of all time.

Jimmy was accompanied to the signing by his beautiful wife, Marie, co-author Bill McCurdy, and close friend and SABR chapter leader Bob Dorrill. The fellowship of friends simply fed into the good spirited discussion and personal contact that Jimmy had with everyone who approached him. One little wide-eyed boy, about 7, and his mom came up to the signing table and, of course, Jimmy asked the young man if he liked playing baseball. The kid shot back with, “No, it’s too hot!” Jimmy just rolled his eyes and laughed, cajoling the young man to give the game another try. The young man promised he would give baseball a second chance.

As people line up for books and autographs, Jimmy signs a Colt .45 jersey, the kind with his retired #24 on the back.

The two most beautiful extra items that Jimmy signed yesterday included a great retro jersey from the days of the Colt .45s, plus an oil painting print o all Houston’s retired number players standing along the baseline in uniform with their numbered backs exposed as the point of view. Before Jimmy signed on his own number, he feigned as though he was going to mistakenly sign under Craig Biggio’s #7.  “Oh No, Jimmy,” the poor startled fan cried out, “please don’t sign there!”

Jimmy just removed his hand from the print with a quiet chuckle and the man tried to smile as he inhaled a deep sigh of relief. Some humor comes with an ounce of cruelty, but Jimmy wasn’t trying to be hurtful. You just have to “get” his sense of humor.

Bob Dorrill, SABR

Bob Dorrill was the first to arrive and the last to leave. In fact, he never left. After the signing, Bob escorted Jimmy and Marie Wynn, plus your truly, to his home in Kingwood, where we visited and dined on a delicious meal prepared by Bob’s wonderful spouse and SABR member, Peggy Dorrill.

The Dorrills are not simply the greatest, deepest blue baseball fans in this world. They also are first class people, the kind of people who are capable of engaging in true friendship.

With all of the narcissists running around these days, pretending friendship in the interest of personal gain, it is most pleasant to know that there was a time when genuine friendship was far easier to find. As for me, I thank God every day for the presence of Bob and Peggy Dorrill in my life. They are the best.

And last’s night’s roast beef and potatoes were so dad-gum All-American good! Thanks, Peg!

Thank You, Marcile! Marcile Barnett of Barnes & Noble Deerbrook made it all possible and we are deeply appreciative.

Finally, we need to thank Marcile Barnett, the Customer Relations Manager of Barnes & Noble Deerbrook, for making Jimmy Wynn’s book-signing day in the Greater North Houston area the smashing success it became. As you talk with Marcile, you quickly learn one of the qualities that makes her so likable, beyond her very clear relationship abilities. – Marcile is a baseball fan, the kind who goes to games and plans to stay until the last man’s out, the kind of baseball game watcher who says, “buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack. I don’t care if I never get back.”

How could we possibly have gone wrong with someone like Marcile setting up the book signing plan? No way. Marcile Barnett is big league, all the way.

Thanks again, Marcile! – And please thank Masseurs Barnes and Noble the next time you run into them. Jimmy Wynn and I both appreciated the hospitality yesterday.