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The Pecan Park Eagle Baseball Movie All Stars

February 5, 2018

Back: Honus Wagner, Pete Alexander, Tris Speaker, Nap Lajoie, George Sisler, Walter Johnson.
Front: Eddie Collins, Babe Ruth, Connie Mack, Cy Young.
Missing: Ty Cobb.

We’ve done “starting nines” more times than I care to remember, but today’s offering is our first shot at presenting a full 25-player full roster, including manager and coaches. With a couple of serious exceptions, we’ve tried to stay away from actor/player types whose roles were either blunted by an obvious lack of athletic talent – or an abundance of obvious supernatural help. Neither of the pitchers portrayed by actors Ray Milland or Ronald Reagan were made more convincing by the skills of either man, but their movie plot-line support and general acting skills were enough to get them through the day. Based upon his performance from the 7th inning forward in Game Seven of the 1926 World Series as future HOF pitcher Grover Alexander, Ronald Reagan was able to easily secure an all-star spot as a late reliever for our Eagle All Stars. Pitcher Ray Milland’s “King Kelly” also was an easy pick for our No. 1 ace starter – with the help of that wood-repellent substance that he has been allowed to use in any game he pitches. Milland is so good with the help of his “stuff”, in fact, that we might be able simply pitch him any time he shows up with that wet sponge filling out the leather-cut circle in his left gloved hand.

We are also quite pleased with our prospects for some fun travel on the road with this team in 2018, given the characters who are making the trip. Look over the roster and let us know what you think too. We do not break away for spring training until February 15th and there’s still time to send some extra free agents as non-roster competitors for a more interesting final settlement of our 25-man Opening Day roster, and all  ready to spark and star-bangle shine against all the other very best clubs.

So, hmm, …. let us hear from you.

Here’s what we’ve got for now:

The Pecan Park Eagle Baseball Movie All Stars

01 Kevin Costner Catcher 1 Crash Davis Bull Durham 1988
02 Paul Douglas Catcher 2 Monk Lanigan It Happens Every Spring 1949
03 Robert De Niro Catcher 3 Bruce Pearson Bang The Drum Slowly 1973
04 Ray Milland SP1 King Kelly It Happens Every Spring 1949
05 Bill D Williams SP2 Bingo Long Bingo Long, et al 1976
06 Joe E. Brown SP3 Elmer Brown Elmer The Great 1933
07 Jace Alexander SP4 Dickie Kerr Eight Men Out 1988
08 Dennis Quaid SP5 Jimmy Morris The Rookie 2002
09 Bruce Bennett Long R Saul Hellman Angels in the Outfield 1951
10 Gene Bearden Long R Gene Bearden The Winning Team 1949
11 Tim Robbins Late R Nick LaLoosh Bull Durham 1988
12 Mike Moriarty Late R Henry Wiggen Bang The Drum Slowly 1973
13 Ronald Reagan Set Up R G.C. Alexander The Winning Team 1952
14 Charlie Sheen Closer Ricky Vaughn Major League 1989
15 James E. Jones 1B/C Leon Carter Bingo Long, et al 1976
16 Bill Irwin 2B Eddie Collins Eight Men Out 1988
17 John Cusack 3B/OF Buck Weaver Eight Men Out 1988
18 Louis Keystone SS Sam Brison Bingo Long, et al 1976
19 Corbin Bernsen IF/OF Roger Dorn Major League 1989
20 Tom Berenger IF/OF/C Jake Taylor Major League 1989
21 Richard Pryor LF Charlie Snow Bingo Long, et al 1976
22 Wesley Snipes CF Willie M. Hays Major League 1989
23 Robert Redford RF Roy Hobbs The Natural 1984
24 D.B. Sweeney OF Joe Jackson Eight Men Out 1988
25 Burt Lancaster PR/MD Doc Graham Field of Dreams 1989
Danny Glover Manager George Knox Angels in the Outfield 1994
Wilf’d Brimley Bench C Pop Fisher The Natural 1984
Frank Morgan Pitch C Barney Wile The Stratton Story 1949
Frank Lovejoy 1B/Hit C Rog Hornsby The Winning Team 1952
Ted de Corsia 3B/Basics Jimmy Dolan It Happens Every Spring 1949



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

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