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The New York Yankees World Series Record

October 29, 2016
The 1908 Chicago Cubs (We Think.) The Last Cubs Team to Win a World Series Provided by Miriam Edelman

The 1908 Chicago Cubs (We Think.)
The Last Cubs Team to Win a World Series
Provided by Miriam Edelman

If you enjoyed our previous column on all World Series winners and losers, The Pecan Park Eagle hopes you may enjoy our own presentation of the New York Yankees record as a singular table of Awesome Triple X. Their record speaks for itself.

Derived and reorganized for this presentation from the same total World Series history assembled by Wikipedia, it makes it easier to show our millennial fans why some of us who grew up in one of the Yankee halcyon winning periods how it always felt a little illegitimate when the World Series was played in a year in which the American League was represented by some team other than the New York Yankees.

The facts remain. The Yankees have been to The Show 40 times since 1921 for an overall record of 27 World Series wins and 13 losses.

Wow. – Just WOW!

For fans like those of us in Houston, and pretty much everywhere else, it’s absolutely dream staggering. Our Astros have been there only once in 55 season opportunities when they reached the Grail of all baseball battles in 2005 – and even then, our guys couldn’t even win a game. in a four-game sweep by the Chicago White Sox.

If baseball were an issue-of-parity enterprise, one based upon the need to settle championship deprivations by a plan for creating compensatory victories that made it easy for all of our longtime losing and missing-out clubs, one per year, to take home the big prize every year until a state of balance had been achieved, the Astros and Rangers would both be near the front of the line at the check out stand, but that’s not the way the game is played. Thank God – or whomever or whatever fits into your belief system about the governance of good over evil.

A Reparation World Series Trophy would feel about as awful as it sounds. It would be no more satisfying to the recipient teams than those plastic trophies our 21st century culture still gives kids for showing up at little league level games, wearing uniforms they take for granted and didn’t buy for themselves in the first place. No, the only way to win a World Series is to out-plan, out-resource, out-develop, out-smart-spend, and outplay everybody else in a given year – even if it’s a tough road past many unfair obstacles. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy or fair, but it’s how we have to see our club get the job done to really have anything in the end that feels worthy of a celebration.

Oh yeah – Go Cubs!

The Big Picture World Series Complete Record of the New York Yankees

1921 Giants McGraw 5-3 YANKEES Huggins 0-1
1922 Giants McGraw 4-0-1(T) YANKEES Huggins 0-2
1923 YANKEES Huggins 4-2 Giants McGraw 1-2
1926 Cardinals Hornsby 4-3 YANKEES Huggins 1-3
1927 YANKEES Huggins 4-0 Pirates Bush 2-3
1928 YANKEES Huggins 4-0 Cardinals McKechnie 3-3
1932 YANKEES McCarthy 4-0 Cubs Grimm 4-3
1936 YANKEES McCarthy 4-2 Giants Terry 5-3
1937 YANKEES McCarthy 4-1 Giants Terry 6-3
1938 YANKEES McCarthy 4-0 Cubs Hartnett 7-3
1939 YANKEES McCarthy 4-0 Reds McKechnie 8-3
1941 YANKEES McCarthy 4-1 Dodgers Durocher 9-3
1942 Cardinals Southworth 4-1 YANKEES McCarthy 9-4
1943 YANKEES McCarthy 4-1 Cardinals Southworth 10-4
1947 YANKEES Harris 4-3 Dodgers Shotton 11-4
1949 YANKEES Stengel 4-1 Dodgers Shotton 12-4
1950 YANKEES Stengel 4-0 Phillies Sawyer 13-4
1951 YANKEES Stengel 4-2 Giants Durocher 14-4
1952 YANKEES Stengel 4-3 Dodgers Dressen 15-4
1953 YANKEES Stengel 4-2 Dodgers Dressen 16-4
1955 Dodgers Alston 4-3 YANKEES Stengel 16-5
1956 YANKEES Stengel 4-3 Dodgers Alston 17-5
1957 M Braves Haney 4-3 YANKEES Stengel 17-6
1958 YANKEES Stengel 4-3 M Braves Haney 18-6
1960 Pirates Murtaugh 4-3 YANKEES Stengel 18-7
1961 YANKEES Houk 4-1 Reds Hutchinson 19-7
1962 YANKEES Houk 4-3 SF Giants Dark 20-7
1963 LADodgers Alston 4-0 YANKEES Houk 20-8
1964 Cardinals Keane 4-3 YANKEES Berra 20-9
1976 Reds Anderson 4-0 YANKEES Martin 20-10
1977 YANKEES Billy Martin 4-2 LADodgers Lasorda 21-10
1978 YANKEES Lemon 4-2 LADodgers Lasorda 22-10
1981 LADodgers Lasorda 4-2 YANKEES Lemon 22-11
1996 YANKEES Torre 4-2 A Braves Cox 23-11
1998 YANKEES Torre 4-0 Padres Bochy 24-11

Torre 4-0 A Braves Cox 25-11
2000 YANKEES Torre 4-1 Mets Valentine 26-11
2001 D’Backs Brenly 4-3 YANKEES Torre 26-12
2003 Marlins McKeon 4-2 YANKEES Torre 26-13
2009 YANKEES Girardi 4-2 Phillies Manuel 27-13


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