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“Remember When” Christmas Kid Memories

December 23, 2016



Remember when ….

  1. You thought you’d be happy forever, if you just got that one special Christmas gift you had been dreaming about?
  2. You wasted worry during your pre-school Santa belief  years Рjust trying to figure out how the old man could get inside small houses with no chimneys for the sake of leaving his gifts?
  3. You thought Christmas was about getting – not giving?
  4. You thought it was nice that Santa did all this fun stuff on the birthday of Jesus Christ, but you really weren’t sure how they were kin to each other, if at all?
  5. Some kids in your first grade class told you that Santa was not XXXX (X-ed out here for the sake of protecting today’s first graders who might stumble onto this site and feel compelled to read this blog)?
  6. You asked your dad the question that always follows his affirmation of the truth about Santa: “Does this mean that you’re now going to tell me that the same thing is true for the Easter Bunny?”
  7. You learned that love and life was not about one person giving gifts to everybody else – but about all of us giving to others in life – what we each have within us to give?
  8. You got the message that the holidays are not for Christians alone – but that they are a great time to meditate on two inseparable truths: We all need to love and be loved – and – the more we are able to give of ourselves in the name of love – the greater the chances are that our gift of love is going to be received by someone who really needs it.
  9. None of us had heard of the so-called “butterfly effect”? *
  • There are many “thine-eyes-shall-glaze-over” definitions of the butterfly effect, as it has been derived from chaos theory for explaining how even the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in South America eventually contributes to the formation of typhoons in the Pacific Ocean. I prefer to think of it this way in relation to the importance of us giving of ourselves to the world: For better or worse, the little things we do, or fail to do, all combine to create a larger impact on the growth of hope and despair in the hearts of us all. Sometimes a kind word or smile to another human being goes much farther than we realize.

Remember now ….

What we give – or do not give – positively or negatively – however small – ends up eventually in the aggregate mass of everything that will determine how we shall live with ourselves – and each other – world-wide.

Have a blessed, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season, everybody. We’re all in this boat together. Let’s make the most of our opportunity.

Peace and Love,

The Pecan Park Eagle


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle