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Our Happy Thanksgiving Baseball Club

November 23, 2016



Happy Thanksgiving 2016, Everybody!

If you can help us find – or do without – gravy – The Pecan Pie Eagles is ready to serve up this lineup for the Thanksgiving Day dinner table with family and friends. We got close to “gravy” with Gavy Cravath,  but, due to our stringent selection standards, we could not “Mulligan” Gavy into the mix because of that important missing “R” in his first name. Thank goodness for phonetic selections. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any “dressen” to go around this year.

Here’s Our Happy Thanksgiving Baseball Club ~

RH Pitcher ~ Camilo “Little Potato” Pascual (1954-1971, MLB) All Star. Career W-L, ERA = 174-170, 3.63)

LH Pitcher ~ Ed Wineapple (1929, MLB) Career W-L, ERA = 0-0, 4.50 in one 4 inning game appearance.

Catcher ~ Turkey Stearnes (1920-1940, Negro League) HOF. Career BA = .344, Career HR 176.

1st Base ~ Ham Hyatt (1909-10, 1912-15, 1918, MLB), Career BA = .267, Career HR = 10.

2nd Base ~ Chuck Dressen (1925-31, 1933 MLB) Career BA = .272, Career HR = 11.

3rd Base ~ Pie Traynor (1920-1937, MLB) HOF, All Star, Career BA = .320, Career HR = 58.

Shortstop ~ Stuffy Stirnweiss (1943-1952, MLB) All Star. Career BA = .268, Career HR = 29.

Left Field ~ Darryl Strawberry (1983-1999, MLB) All Star. Career BA = .259, Career HR = 339.

Center Field ~ Ty “The Georgia Peach” Cobb (1905-1928, MLB) HOF. Career BA = .366, Career SB = 892.

Right FieldGoose Goslin (1921-1938, MLB) HOF. Career BA = .316, Career HR = 248.

Designated Hitter ~ Jim Rice (1974-1989, MLB) All Star. Career BA = .298, Career HR = 382.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend too, friends. It’s going to take most of us far more than a single day to celebrate everything we have to be grateful for in this life. No matter how much we’ve all been stung by losses and obstacles that fall to all of us, sooner or later – sometimes continuously – but we’ve also grown over time to understand – each of us – that – when the big storm winds come, they don’t miss a soul. So, let’s hang together – and do what we can to help others – as we each are able – and find the individual willingness to do so.



 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas