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Great-Granddaughter of Former Buff Writes

June 15, 2016
"1909/1910 pennant team photo' property of Melanie Dahms

“1909/1910 pennant team photo’ (as identified by owner)
Property of Melanie Dahms, Indiana


We received an e-mail this morning, 6/14/2016, from  Melanie Dahms of Indiana. She is asking for information about the fate of all those artifacts that once belonged on display at the former Finger Furniture Houston Sports Museum on the Gulf Freeway. We have heard some things about the future of the collection, but we have received no official confirmation of any long-range plan. If anyone with the authority to speak knows of the collection’s current status and the future plan for them, The Pecan Park Eagle would appreciate you posting a comment here and responding to Ms. Dahms. The lady has a historical connection and passionate interest in the history of Houston Baseball.

Here’s is Melanie’s literal message and e-mail address. We hope that some of you can help reward this “Lady of Houston Baseball Fervor” with whatever you are free to share. As you listen to all the  heart that is driving the tone of her request, reaching out to Melanie should spread contagiously. The championship team photo which she identifies as the “1909-1910 pennant team photo” – and the copy of her great-grandfather’s 1909 or 1910 baseball card (not sure which year is correct) – are her tangible gifts to us. The deeper gift is her living presence as a family member who still hopes to learn more about a beloved baseball ancestor.


Robert Corkhill Houston Buffs 1909-1910

Robert Royal Corkhill
Houston Buffs


In Melanie Dahms Own Words

“Please can someone tell me where the items from the Houston Sports Museum went after the Finger Furniture store and museum closed? My great-grandfather Robert Royal Corkhill played for the 1909 and 1910 Buffs. I was so happy to find out about the museum several years ago, but deeply saddened to learn that it had closed. I had one day hoped to get to the museum but living in northern Indiana was my downfall. I just recently in the last few days found out he actually had a baseball card and I purchased it from a card store. I inherited the 1909/1910 pennant team photo when my mother died. My great grandma Mary, who was married to Robert (Corkhill), was previously married to another team member, Charles Middleton until his passing. He (Charles Middleton) is in the middle row far right. Charles story was a sad one.”


Melanie Dahms


Melanie Dahms’ E-Mail Address

For those of you still doing research into the early history of baseball in Houston, Ms. Dahms could be an important living connection to previously undisclosed artifacts and information about the early 20th century years in Houston Baseball – and she is most certainly deserving of any help may be to able to lend to her own requests for assistance. We hope that some of will reach out to this sweet sounding lady and fan of the game.

If you respond to her by e-mail, and have no problems sharing with the rest of us, please leave a copy of your work as a comment on this column. Melanie is going to receive a copy of this column to at the same time you do, so also feel free to express your questions and support for her here as direct column comments, even if you do not send her an e-mail contact.

And, Melanie, please use the comment section beneath this column to leave whatever messages you would like to convey to all of us. We’ve never met you, but we value and care strongly for people who are trying to piece together whole pictures of their family members’ careers and lives in baseball

Thank You – and God Bless,

The Pecan Park Eagle


Next Day Addendum!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016: Mike Acosta, Artifact Authentications Manager for the Houston Astros responded by e-mail today to Melanie Dahms. With his kind permission, we have obtained Mr. Acosta’s permission to publish his message as a very important addendum to yesterday’s column.It contains exciting and important information about the Houston Astros’ plans to play a tangible and important role in the future preservation of both club history and the considerably earlier story of Houston’s role in the birth and development of professional baseball in this area.

Thank you, Mike Acosta, ffor bringing these plans forth to a much broader community of interest in the preservation of Houston Baseball History.

The 6/15/16 Email from Mike Acosta to Melanie Dahms:


I was reading Bill McCurdy’s latest edition of the Pecan Park Eagle today and saw your inquiry regarding the Houston Sports Museum at the Finger Furniture Store.  You have a great link to Houston’s baseball heritage and I’m happy to hear of your fantastic artifacts.

The Houston Astros now own a large portion of the Houston Buffs Collection that was once in the museum and previously owned by the Finger family.  We have archived a several autographed baseballs, photos, Dizzy Dean’s cleats, an All-Star statue, a sculpture, a statue, a 1959 Buffs uniform and the final home plate used at Buff Stadium (the one that was in the floor of the museum).

I have outlined the preliminary work for the Astros Hall of Fame, which will be designed to tell the story of baseball in Houston.  The Astros Hall of Fame project includes museum exhibits and former players/executives for whom we retire a number and/or honor by inducting into this shrine.  We are currently digitizing all of our film and video archives.  The second phase will include the digitization of all of the photos and historical documents in our files.  It’s an exciting project, one I hope many will find rewarding to visit in the future.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Mike Acosta
Manager | AuthenticationHouston Astros
501 Crawford St., Houston, TX 77002
O 713.259.8806


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas