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Pictures Worth 5,000 Words

January 26, 2011

A Rocky Mountain High ... As Close as Your Eye

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these five panoramas, at least, should be worth five thousand units and probably more. Using your cursor as you very slowly circumnavigate these 360 degree perspectives of some beautiful western nature scenes, you will be able to view each vantage point almost as totally as you would in person. You won’t have 3-D vision with these photos, nor will you feel the heat of the sun, the rustle of the wayward western wind, the babbling sound of slowly rolling waters, or the varied aromas of prairie dust and mountainside wildflowers, but you will have just about everything else you need to simulate the journey. And that includes both your memory and your imagination.

Simply click on any of the five links below for a different trip. And, of course, kick back with your cursor ad enjoy.