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Mystery Baseball Women

February 12, 2015
If this is one of the nine baseball positions these girls are capable of demonstrating,  one has to wonder about  the total number of positions the girls were capable of demonstrating, alone and together.

Contributed by Darrell Pittman


Looks like this is going to be one of those rare double column days.

Apparently inspired by our powerfully intriguing “Mystery Pitcher” article of one hour ago, friend and research colleague Darrell Pittman sent me the above photo of two “Gay Nineties” women representing one of the various positions in base-ball as one card entitled “Black Stocking Nine.”

Draw your own conclusions as to how far this demonstration could have traveled through additional cards showing other various baseball position possibilities.

The card also ooks like further proof that objectification of beautiful women for the sale of tobacco and alcohol started pretty early in our American culture.

“Early Base-Ball! ~ Who says it was only a game?”

We do have to ask, given the title of this piece: If either of these ladies on the card is recognizable as your great-great grandmother, please step up to the plate and let us know her name with a post in the comment section. History owes their identities, at least, that much redemptive service – if possible.