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January 18, 2017











Cooperstown aerial view.


Congratulations, Jeff Bagwell! The Pecan Park Eagle salutes you for your selection today, January 18, 2017, and for your impending induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in beautiful Cooperstown, New York on July 30, 2017!

With the moments ago announcement of your selection by an 86.2% affirmation, the Seven Year Itch that you and all your fans have been carrying around for years, waiting on the qualifying 75.0% minimum voting total to kick in for you in the voter poll …. finally got scratched!

Hallelujah! At 5:03 PM CST, 1/18/2017!

Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle



ADDENDUM: Thank you for this photo, Stephen Russell. We shall try to pass on your congratulations from here to Jeff Bagwell, but this photo of you with Jeff back in 1991 is worthy of a little more explanation to our readers than what it shows.

The photo shows you with Jeff Bagwell in his early MLB and Pre-Hall of Fame days as a rookie Houston Astros acquisition from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for veteran reliever Larry Anderson during a late season scarcity of pitchers who could get outs for the Beantowners during an AL playoff run. It may now have been best remembered as one of the best examples in baseball history of how filling a short-term talent need for a young unproven kid with a lot of upside can turn out to be the most costly deal any club could ever make.

Steve, could you either do one of two things? Either leave a comment that explains you past connection with both Bagwell and Craig Biggio? Or guest column article that you send to me by e-mail attachment with permission to publish it here in The Pecan Park Eagle. The article option would give you the chance to explain your own DNA connection to MLB.

We would be honored to have you choose both. Your comment and a more expanded article would be especially welcome too at this time in the history of the “Killer Bees.”

Give it some thought, And, before it’s way too late, – Happy New Year!


Bill McCurdy