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Take Us Out To The Crane Game

April 15, 2013
Take Us Out To The Crane Game!

Take Us Out To The Crane Game!

Take us out to the west coast,

We’ll win – three games – and be done.

Wins never save us from playing late,

In the western division – ┬áthat’s just our sad fate.

We’ll still “root, root, root” for the Astros,

If they – don’t win – please explain.

If you can’t …. please ….. pass the mike over,

To James …. R …. Crane.


Postscript: In fairness to Mr. Crane, the boys “sounded” pretty solid in those three straight wins. (I couldn’t see them.) They also were only a World Class closer and Prince Albert Pujols away from making it four consecutive wins. The loss Saturday just set up the deflating defeat that followed in Anaheim on Sunday. After Albert decked ’em in the 9th the previous night, you could almost see the deflation tarp spreading over the field prior to Sunday’s game. (That is, if you are like me, a non-Comcast subscriber, you could see the sinkhole settling low in your mind’s eye.)

Right now, I don’t really expect Mr. Crane to explain anything. Right now, he’s bound to be 100% in support of “In Luhnow We Trust”. A couple of years from now, however, if things don’t ascend for the Astros as advertised, he will be the one who has to explain everything.

Let’s hope that explanations are not necessary and that the club is building a team of stars they plan to keep with competitive salary offerings. There is a difference between “playing to win” and “playing to look as though you might win” and the real difference begins with having the will to win and then having the evaluative talent in the front office that sees and signs the players we need to keep or acquire as the core basis of our winning team.

2015 is my sight-date for the start of judgments and verdicts. 2015 is beyond the DH-novelty and ALW move. It will be time to start winning – or start explaining – and, hopefully, correcting, if need be.

Have a nice tax payment day, everybody.