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Reflections of a Houston Cougar

November 22, 2011

At UH, Case Keenum IS Captain America.

It never hurts to recap the national records that Case Keenum has compiled as a quarterback for the Houston Cougars during this golden year for our university’s NCAA football program, even if things don’t stay perfect the rest of the way. Things are what they are. All of us live on that axis. We live in the moment and we move on as the moment passes to the next. This just happens to be a sweet moment for some of us who haven’t seen this particular version as often as some of you may have witnessed it. We are simply content now to breathe in every honeysuckle fragrance of this hour for as long as they float through the air and waft their way into our red-blooded Cougar nostrils.

So, here are the Keenum codes that fuel much of our joy. Case now holds five national records and is tied for a sixth that he may easily break this coming Friday in the game against Tulsa.

Case Keenum National Records

(1) Touchdown Passes: 145

(2) Passing Yards: 17,855

(3) Total Offense Yards: 18,771

(4) Total Touchdowns Passed & Run: 168

(5) Pass Completions: 1,427

(6) Most 300 Yard Passing Games (Tied): 36

We could write all day about the next area so I will spare you. Here are some of the other team passing records established by Case Keenum and a few of his famous passing Cougar predecessors.

Other Notable Houston Cougar Passing Records

(1) Most Passing Yards in a Quarter: Andre Ware vs. SMU, 10/21/89 (2nd Qtr.): 340

(2) Most Passing Yards in a Half: Andre Ware vs. SMU, 10/21/89 (1st Half): 517

(3) Most Passing Yards in a Game: David Klingler vs. Arizona State, 12/01/90: 716

(4) Most Passing Yards in a Season: Case Keenum, 2009: 5,671 (Keenum has 4,269 yards for 2011 thru the SMU Game)

Speaking of the upcoming UH@Tulsa game that kicks off at 11:00 AM this coming Friday, Nov. 25th on FSN, memories rush back of one that people on both sides of the Houston-Tulsa line will never forget.

Most Notable Cougar Team Scoring Day: 11/23/1968, Houston Cougars 100 – Tulsa Golden Hurricane 6.

Wade Phillips, 1968 Houston Cougars. Sometimes the best defense is a killer offense playing against a weak team that also has the flu.

The Cougars enjoyed their greatest scoring feast day in the Astrodome against Tulsa on Saturday night, November 23, 1968. UH won the game against the Golden Hurricane when the boys from Oklahoma hobbled into Houston huffing and puffing on a flu bug that take all the force out of their wind.

Some interesting celebrities played football in that game. Current Houston Texan Defensive Coach Wade Phillips and Country and Western singer Larry Gatlin played for the Cougars. The famous TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw played for Tulsa. And, boy! Did the visiting Tulsans ever need someone like the full-blown and grown “Dr. Phil” by the time this game was done!

It was awful. As the game rolled on, it became obvious early that this was the contest that made the case for allowable TKO victories in college football, but none of the rule makers were either listening or in any position to administer a dose of administrative euthanasia in the heat of battle.

Cougar Head Coach Bill Yeoman did his part to stop the bleeding with early substitutions in the second half, but the second and third string kids who entered the game for rare opportunities to shine didn’t go into action to fake a block, miss a tackle, or take a knee. Neither did the speedy special return guys. In fact, the Cougars scored their final TD with seconds remaining, setting up a successful PAT attempt for the third digit in a final score of 100-6 that was about as sporting a proposition as those street crowds in Paris that came to watch the guillotine in action during the French Revolution.

It would have been a great time to have the kicker simply kick the ball aside, but it didn’t happen. That’s not what competitive sports are all about. The time to say you can’t play is over once the game starts.

Anyway, the Tulsa annihilation happened 43 years ago now – and the Golden Hurricane has reared up to ruin several UH seasons in acts of revenge several times since then. We Cougar fans just hope that the Oklahoma Dust Bowl Canes don’t have another payback punch left in their collective bloodstream of memories.

Our Friend, the Clock

June 16, 2010

Time waits for no one. When it comes to getting anything done, it's always now or never.

Each of us starts this day with some kind of agenda for what we hope to get done by nightfall. Maybe it’s highly organized and equally improbable that all the items on our list are accomplishable in the time available. Maybe it’s everything the other way, from disorganized to apparently non-existent, but that’s a daily plan too. Some people, perhaps many people, simply live a daily plan of drifting along the line of least resistance until they hit something. The something they usually hit is lunch.

Yesterday I wrote a piece on the City of Houston needing to get behind the bid for UH going after a place in the now altered Big 12 athletic conference. We of UH don’t have all our ducks in a row on commitments for building our new stadium and upgrading all our facilities, but I felt that we had no good alternative Tuesday, but to plan our time for making our case before the Big 12 now, while the door seemed to be open.

My friend Bob Hulsey wrote a gentle comment suggesting that UH was barking up the wrong tree, that the Big 12 had no interest in a market area they already had covered, and that UH would be better served building its new facilities and bigger ticket sale packages over time for the sake of attracting future interest from the SEC in expanding into Texas and the Houston market.

I still think we always have to respond to these apparent openings with a plan as they arise, but developments over the past 24 hours pretty much support that Bob Hulsey was right on target about this one. The Big 12 has announced that they have no interest in expanding to fill the two spots abandoned by Nebraska and Colorado, nor will they consider new members from this geographic area, if they ever do consider expansion again.

We’ll have to take the Big 12 at their word as we move on at UH to prepare for something longer term elsewhere, as Bob Hulsey suggests.

This much is also clear. UH needs a plan for the future that entails real and meaningful action now in preparation for something better than C-USA down the road. We won’t get there by sitting around, watching the clock, and waiting for the lunch bump in our day.


October 4, 2009

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