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Dinner Reports Delayed; LLWS Roars On

August 19, 2014


For the foreseeable future, the absence of a column on the Houston Baseball Dinner history (by year) in The Pecan Park Eagle simply means that something has happened to stall our efforts.

Such was the case today. The lettered name variable phrase combinations that were bidding us good success in the early years (1961-73) of our digital site search have suddenly drawn blanks on most of what has happened from as early as 1986 through 2000. We are working on alternative plans to derive the facts from previous sinner program collections and research at local news file histories, but neither of those sources are available to us this afternoon.

We shall resume the theme columns on the more recent history of the “HBD” as soon as we are again plugged into a date source, but, for now, we are stuck on what happened in 1986, if anything, and 1990, with the years ahead of them through 200o also yielding nothing viable to us on the event through 2000.

Bear with us. We won’t go away. And neither will the data that’s out there in some form.

Meanwhile, I’m taking the rest of the day off, I think. In about an hour from no, the Pearland Little Leaguers (2-1) are taking on that very tough Little League club from Chicago (2-1) in an elimination game for both clubs and we don’t want to miss it for anything in the world. Both of these clubs have given mighty accounts of their talents and both teams are already winner – no matter who wins tonight.

The team from Chicago of the Jackie Robinson West Little League  is playing as the “Great Lakes” region while Pearland, TX of the Pearland East Little League is playing as the “Southwest” area representative. They will most probably be referenced on the digital scoreboard as “ILLINOIS” and “TEXAS”.

Chicago represents a successful attempt to resurrect interest in baseball among the kids of inner-city urban America. This all-black team exists as a shining example today of success and deservedness among the talented kids of inner city Chicago who previously would have missed baseball as a response to baseball’s missing attention to their needs-and not an intentional return to the days of segregated baseball.

Tomorrow night, Philadelphia (2-0) and Las Vegas, NV (2-0) meet in a contest between the only two remaining undefeated American teams left in the tournament. Las Vegas got there with s surprise runaway win over Chicago and Philadelphia arrives as the team that edged Pearland, 8-7, in the bottom of the sixth and final inning to get there. Philadelphia will also feature starting pitcher Mo’Ne Davis, the only girl in history to throw a complete game shutout in the 75 year-old Little League World Series history.

See you tomorrow, folks – when we will be around again, hopefully, to write about something of interest to some.



SABR Celebrates at 2011 Houston Baseball Dinner

January 15, 2011

(L>R) Bobby Heck, Astros Ass't GM, Scouting; Bob Dorrill, SABR; David Gottfried, Ass't GM, Baseball Operations; Ed Wade, Astros General Manager.

Twenty SABR members at two SABR tables were on hand last night to help celebrate the 2011 version of the annual Houston Baseball Dinner, The numbers did not the include the broad scattering of many other SABR people at various other tables throughout the crowd of 1,000 people in attendance at the Hilton Americas downtown on January 14.

The dinner initiated years ago by the late Allen Russell and his wife Jo Russell, along with the help of longtime supporter and former sportswriter Ivy McLemore, was again a rousing success in honoring the spirit and accomplishments of the Houston Baseball community.

Mike McCroskey of SABR sang Our National Anthem to get the evening started. It was the second year in a row that our man Mike carried out that responsibility in fine voice and form. He must have done all right the first time. Otherwise, it’s not likely there would have been a second time. – Nice job, Michael!

In addition to the individual recognition that the dinner usually accords to the top high school baseball players from the area, the HBBD also recognized the Pearland Little Leaguers for their success in 2010 Little League World Series.

Astros Icon and new SABR member Jimmy Wynn and his wife Marie Wynn were on hand at one of the Astros tables.

Here’s how the special awards for the evening went:

Coach Rick Lynch took the Ray Knoblauch Award.

Anthony Rendon of Rice University won the Houston Area Preseason Major College Player of the Year Award.

Barry Waters of the Astros took the Fred Hartman Long and Meritorious Service Award.

Chris Johnson was named as the Astro Rookie of the Year.

Carl Crawford captured the Houston Area Major League Player of the Year Award.

Mike Rutledge received the Allen Russell Distinguished Achievement Award.

Former Astro and current Padre Geoff Blum took the Darryl Kile Award.

Brett Myers was named as the 2010 Astro Pitcher of the Year.

Hunter Pence took top honors as the 2010 Astro Player of the Year.

Meanwhile, about $18,000 was also raised by an auction set up to support the Grand Slam for Youth Baseball scholarship program.

The Houston Baseball Dinner is also our community’s way of turning the corner in the dead of winter each year and looking forward to the new baseball season. As always, it cannot get here soon enough for many of us, so, we’ll just have to keep on staring out the window or over at our computer screens until it gets here.

These other smiling faces from last night will also help remind us of the springtime that’s coming, with baseballs popping leather hard and bouncing even harder off their contact with real wooden bats. There is no “ping” in major league baseball and there is nothing nothing minor league about the smiles that follow.

C’mon clock! Get us to April, when the games really count. Menahwile, stay out of the cold and damp weather as best you are able.

Phil and Nancy Holland, SABR.

Bob Stevens & Son, Robbie Stevens, SABR

Larry Miggins, Former Houston Buff & St. Louis Cardinal, SABR.

John Miggins, Son of Larry Miggins & Charlie Sheen Look-a-Like.

Marsha Franty & Peggy Dorrill, SABR.

Peggy & Bob Dorrill, Deep in the Heart of SABR.