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Home on the Range: In Honor of Larry Miggins

August 21, 2012

“Slainte O m’ anam!” (That’s Gaelic for “Cheers from my Heart!”)

I’ve had some requests since yesterday to include a little parody I wrote for the occasion of Larry Miggins on his 87th birthday as its own column here. I did perform the piece for Larry at the Sunday party, but not everyone got to here it who wasn’t in the particular room we occupied when his early gifts were given out.

If you know that Larry’s family is pure Irish, and that he was born and grew up in the Bronx to later come to Houston and become a homer-bashing left fielder for the Houston Buffs, and if you also happen to know the melody of “Home on the Range,” the basic theme of this little ditty will be extremely easy to follow.

I was just lucky enough to have been one of the Buff Stadium Knothole Gang members from the East End who got to grow up idolizing the man who later became my close adult years friend and devoted baseball buddy and fellow member of SABR.

How lucky can this guy get? Thank you again, Larry Miggins, for your part in making the charm in my life shine and work so beautifully.