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Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

February 14, 2015


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Baseball’s big “losers”,

Our thoughts are of you!


Reciting the big time,

The Babe called his shot,

The writers flocked to him,

Charlie Root? They did not!


Receiver M. Owens,

Had the game in his grasp,

But the ball just slipped past him,

As the Dodgers did gasp!


Remember the shot too,

Fired far round the world?

Our hearts were with Branca,

As the legend unfurled!


Recalling another Ralph,

Whose last name was Terry,

How sadly he walked off,

As the Maz they did carry!


Reaching back to Bill Buckner,

Is the cruelest of all,

Through his legs, like a wicket,

Passed the meanest ground ball!


Reality blinks,

All these “losers” were great,

Each quite deserving,

Of our love on this date!


Remember all others,

Who had to be good,

Even to play,

Giving all that they could!


Nobody from the above list is really a loser! And nobody else who’s willing to risk giving life his or her best shot at whatever good goal is their passion path is either a loser.


We only lose by not trying.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Everybody!