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Greatest Baseball Movies of All Time

December 11, 2016
If I could have gotten my hnds on an unlimited suppy of that wood-repellent subastance that awed my 11-year old brain in 1949, I'd be writing you today as a living member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

If I could have gotten my hands on an unlimited supply of that wood-repellent substance that awed my 11-year old brain in this 1949 baseball classic, I’d be writing you today as a living member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

How many times have I regaled the joy of great baseball movies in print? I don’t know. If I’ve done so at all, it hasn’t been recently, even though I do it all the time in places like traffic jams, jury selection internment, and waiting-on-the-phone with system robots as I earnestly try to reach a flesh and blood person to help me handle some kind of purchase, payment, or insurance problem.

The next time you hook up with a conversational robot – the kind that wants you to express a programmed word that will allow them to dump you off with “pay attention to the next numerical options and try to match it with your needs for information” – and tell the robot something like “why don’t you just go sit wide on top of a telephone pole somewhere and let me speak to a real frickin’ person?”

Do that – and you will get a follow up response from the robot that goes something like this: “I’m sorry. I didn’t quite understand. Could you please try again, using different words?”

That’s when you tell the robot the same thing you first said – in a slightly elevated and angrier tone of voice.

It will get you this kind of response: “Please hold while I put you in line to speak with one of our agents.”

Then comes the all the time in the world you then will have to list your favorite baseball films – or maybe even write a screenplay for a new one – as you wait on the human agent.

One more thing – “greatest” baseball films as a descriptor of my list doesn’t imply that these movies are Academy Award worthy for their story lines or acting performances. It simply means that they each made a really big impression on me and that I found them very entertaining at the time I first saw them.  And, since I was impressed a little differently as a kid, I have to give you two lists – one for the movies I first saw and loved as a kid – and another for those films I first saw as an adult.

Here are my choices – and I’d love to hear yours:

My Top 10 Baseball Movies as a Kid

  1. It Happens Every Spring
  2. The Babe Ruth Story
  3. Angels in the Outfield
  4. The Winning Team
  5. Rhubarb
  6. The Pride of St. Louis
  7. The Stratton Story
  8. The Pride of the Yankees
  9. The Kid From Left Field
  10.  Take Me Out to the Ball Game

My Top 10 Baseball Movies as an Adult

  1. Damn Yankees
  2. The Natural
  3. Field of Dreams
  4. Bull Durham
  5. Major League
  6. Eight Men Out
  7.  The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings
  8. Alibi Ike
  9. Elmer, the Great
  10. The Sandlot


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