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Game Six Malaise Paralyzes Astros

November 1, 2017

2017 is the 38th time that the World Series will be decided in 7 games. The first one happened in 1909, when Pittsburg of the NL defeated Detroit of the AL.


The Overview

It happened as we feared it might.

Justin Verlander pitched a game that was more than good enough for the win, but the Astros offense came out flat and stayed that way. As a result, the Dodgers were able to combine some pretty fair pitching of their own, early patience with the 1-0 deficit, good defense, the support of the home town crowd, their 2-inning stopper on Houston’s serious attempts to pad the lead, and the NL rule that forces pitchers to “bat” until it all complexly parlayed into another 6th inning flow of LA scoring momentum that would gain them just enough lead and confidence to take the game and the day – and also leave them looking forward to Game 7 with a few braggadocio shouts of a guaranteed World Series victory for LA in Game 7.

Now the Astros face the daunting task of taking on a giant Dodger Blue ball of momentum that shall be rolling down upon them tonight behind the rediscovered full cadre of pitches that Yu Darvish has to offer the plight of winning, as Clayton Kershaw stands behind him, hoping with all the power of compulsivity to get in there and experience one strong shot at redemption from his Houston meltdown in Game 5.

The Scoring in Game 6

Top of 3rd, HOU:

Hill pitching for Los Angeles
Reddick popped out to center fielder Taylor.
Verlander struck out.
Springer homered to right on a 1-0 count.
Bregman grounded out, shortstop Seager to first baseman Bellinger.
1 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors

Bottom of 6th, LA: 

Verlander pitching for Houston
Barnes singled to left.
Utley was hit by a pitch, Barnes to second.
Taylor doubled to right, Barnes scored, Utley to third.
Seager hit a sacrifice fly to right fielder Reddick, Utley scored, Taylor to third.
Turner fouled out to first baseman Gurriel.
Bellinger struck out.
2 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors

Bottom of 7th, LA:

Musgrove pitching for Houston
Musgrove pitching.
Puig popped out to shortstop Correa.
Pederson homered to left on a 1-2 count.
Ethier pinch-hitting for Maeda.
Ethier popped out to left fielder Ma.González.
Barnes struck out.
1 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors

Final Score: Los Angeles Dodgers 3 – Houston Astros 1.

The Game Five Hangover Malaise

In the ebb and flow of mass crowd human emotion, the biggest fear sometimes is the malaise that entraps the celebrants on the heels of victory. That descending (calming down) malaise is what causes the lack of fire in a team’s performance within 48 hours. Well, guess what, folks. It happened to the Houston Astros last night. Hope someone over there on the Houston side recognizes the fact and takes the time to remind the ‘Stros who they really are.

Now we have to hope that we see early signs tonight from our offense that we’ve let go of the lull and are now ready to finish the job that didn’t get done last night.

Go Astros in Game 7! ~You can do it! ~ Get off the deck and knock LA into the next block for good! ~ You still have that punch within you,  just waiting for delivery!


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle