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Digital Times, They Are a Changin’ Everything

October 23, 2016

“Here’s lookin’ at you on big screen HD home TV, kid!”

Almost Rained Out on a Beautiful Blue Sky Autumn Day in Houston

Even a congested head and viral/allergic reaction to the change of seasons will not keep The Pecan Park Eagle completely on the “DL” list this otherwise beautiful Saturday. It already has caused me to miss my usual trip to a vintage baseball game doubleheader at the George Ranch Texian Market Days Festival near Sugar Land this morning and afternoon, but it cannot stop our need to write, even if the outcome of the games between our Houston Babies and Barker Red Sox remains unknown to this office after 8:00 PM.

First the Movies

Today we can watch a better big HD picture of any movie – with better sound – closed captions, if we want – without having to pay $4.00 for a drink of bottled war – or pop corn and candy priced like steaks – and in our most casual clothes – in our favorite comfy chair – and without the nuisance-presence of those strangers who keep doing their social media stuff in the dark while sending out those distracting little rectangles of bright blue light that cannot be missed by those trying to lose themselves in the screen story. We saw a televised story this past week about how the big income-invested movie houses are starting to battle the threat by plans for such things as more comfortable chairs, the creation of more dining room movie houses where customers can order gourmet quality food and yada yada yada.

When asked if some these things would make going to movies more attractive again, one theater-estranged man in their focus group poll supplied what has to be the bottom-line conclusion that the public theater phase of the movie industry is little more than a dead man walking – a man taking aspirin in the face of a death rattle.

The man dismissed the ideas for improving the comfort of movies theaters with this great tag line: “…. no matter what they do, you’d still have to wear pants while you’re watching the movie at their place.”

How Comfortable is Home TV Baseball in this Digital Age?

We each have our own answers. All we know is – The Pecan Park Eagle is one of the few such birds that wears anything at all. And – when we are watching baseball at home – with all the multiple angles that are available to us clearly¬† – and viewing close ups on every replayed gem – or close decision – a pair of gym shorts is all we need to stay comfortable – and the water is relatively free at home – and the fridge food is good and affordable – and there is no line in the bathroom – and no one stands up in front of us at home to block our view of big plays – and nobody shoots tee shirts at you at home – and the club’s stadium people can’t force you at home to listen to that loud stuff they call music at the ballpark – and nobody in social media is texting a “friend” in your eyesight as a blue light special distraction to your focus upon the game – when you’re just kicked back in comfort – and watching the game at home – and the comfort is tall – fetal position and all.

Have a nice Sunday, Everybody – whether you do it in person or by electronic proxy.


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas