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Dierker’s No-No Now Available on CD

February 1, 2017
Larry Dierker of the Houston Astros No-Hit win over Montreal in the Astrodome Juns 9, 1976

Larry Dierker of the Houston Astros Wins 6-0!
No-Hit win over Montreal in the Astrodome!
July 9, 1976


larry_dierker_no-hitter Last night we learned from reader Stan Opdyke that the Larry Dierker 6-0 no-hitter over the Montreal Expos at the Astrodome on July 9, 1976 is now available on CD at Baseball for $19.95. The CD covers the game broadcast, handled that day by Gene Elston, Loel Passe, and Bob Prince, the long-time Pittsburgh broadcaster who was only with Houston that single season.

The Dierker CD is new to the public, but Stan cautions that fans interested in acquiring this little gem of Astros history should not dally about the placement of their order. Opdyke says that John Miley, the producer of these items, is sometimes a little capricious about how long he makes certain pieces available and has been known to pull some things off the market for no apparent reason very early in their sales history – and with no guarantee when, if ever, they shall return. for sale. We have no profit interest in the sale of these items so please do not take this warning as your typical Internet “going out of business sale” market hustle.

Just don’t wait too long to make your purchase decision.

Here’s the purchase link to the item, if you are interested:

Down that page, you will find the Dierker item listed as follows:

July 9
Houston 6, Montreal 0. Dierker hurls no-hitter against Expos in Astrodome. (Elston, Passe, Prince)

Simply go from there with the easy-to-follow order placement instructions.

As always. Have fun.


 Bill McCurdy

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