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Come On, Opening Day!

January 27, 2016

Crawford Blue Skies

Sunny spring skies – bring ’em bright on,

Won’t be long now – til old winter’s gone,

No more dumb staring – out the stupid-wish window,

Or wasting more time – on an ancient Nintendo.


Baseball the game – will be back in H-town,

Generating each smile – and killing each frown,

With Carlos Correa – and Altuve too,

Our future looks bright – as the skies turn to blue.


So grab up your tickets – and crank up the car,

If you spring forty bucks – your park won’t be far,

But don’t leave today – or you’ll feel like a dunce,

‘Cause the season won’t start – for another two months.


Just hang in there, ‘Stros fans – our day will soon come,

And this year feels special – no settling for crumbs,

Rangers and Royals – the rest of you too,

Better watch out – we’re gunning for you!


Come On, Opening Day!

2016 – the Year of the Houston Astros – is finally here!

In 2016 – let’s finally end the wait that began in 1962!