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The College Football Bowl System Sucks Big Time

January 1, 2011

The Cotton, Orange, Rose, and Sugar once meant everything on January 1st!

Years ago, before we knew any better, New Years Day meant the coming of college football’s “Big Four” bowl games, the contests that would pretty much help those lucky elitists with a vote pick the next national champions of college football, based on the results of whatever happened on New Years Day. Well through the 1950s and early 1960s, we were all a lot younger and far more naive about these things – and the television network-corporate sponsor money had yet to take over the major bowls and to proliferate, mutate, and water down the significance of bowls to the point of making sure we had at least one game on the tube every evening for nearly two-thirds of all the days in December leading up to New Years Day.

We had to have a bowl game for every brand of corn chip, car company, and insurance giant in the nation. It didn’t matter a rat’s ankle that few beyond the parents of the players involved cared about the outcome of these games, all a college needed to get into one of these bowls was a group of fans who “traveled well” and a “bowl eligible” regular season record that contained, at least, an even number of wins and losses on the game outcome tally sheet.

Who could ask for anything more?

From about 1970 through 2010, the new system brokers have been readjusting the significance of these bowl games with the infusion of new power and big money as the corporate payoffs to the most desirable colleges (those with the biggest free-spending travel alums and largest dent-makers in the home television shares market following.)

Bigger money bumped the Cotton down a few notches, replacing it with the Fiesta as the new “Big Four” companion to the Rose, Sugar, and Orange. A new system also came into play for making the computer a participant in picking the two most likely candidates for participation in a post-season national championship game. This Bowl Championship Series (BCS) set-up even found a way to throw a rope around the wealth so that the annual big game rotated annually from of the “Big Four” bowls to another – while also making sure that all the power schools had the best chances of getting selected every time.

Once in a while, a TCU or Boise State comes along and is welcomed by the BCS crowd with all the enthusiasm of a River Oaks host for a couple of cockroaches at a dinner party. In this case, it isn’t politically correct for the BCS hosts to call Orkin. All they can do is try to place the intruder at a dinner table where he is most likely to get smashed by the other invited guest. Today, January 1, 2011, the TCU cockroach is seated at the Rose Bowl, right across the table from Wisconsin. – Darrell Royal of UT tried to warn the world about TCU years ago. Now, here they are again – about to fall into the BCS-Rose bowl and maybe mess things up for one of those fine old monster-size Big Ten schools.

TCU-Wisconsin will likely be the only bowl game i watch. All others, including the Cam Newton-Auburn Anointment Bowl that’s set for about a week from now against Oregon have no interest for me. All these meaningless games just suck for wont of any real competitive goal connected to winning.

Hey, Deafened Ears in the Halls of Corporate Television Power, do you have to lose your entire audience before you see the rich valley of genuine opportunity that you’re missing? Before it’s too late, overhaul the bowl game system into either a 16 or 8 team playoff system that culminates in a truer national championship game. – Skip the elitist exclusion of schools like TCU and UH. Make it so that winning gets you a chance to be voted high enough in the poll to be included in the playoff mix.

Whatever you come up with will never be perfect, but it will be a damn sight better than this boring mess that now passes for the dud-filled icing on the college football cake.