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Longball Meets Bonnie Parker; Recruits Ball Girls

April 2, 2012

If these girls are the Ghosts of Bonnie Parker they claim to be, do you really want to call "Ghostbusters?" If you were Larry "Longball" Miggins of the Houston Babies, the post-game answer to this question in Sealy, Texas on Saturday was --------- "You don't call anybody!"

This late development just came in as a report from one our stalwart Houston Babies, first baseman Larry “Longball” Miggins. Apparently getting out of Sealy after the vintage base ball games yesterday was a little tricky, even for an old man with gimpy legs:

“Great game yesterday fellas, We finally woke up in the 4th and had a big inning. After the game, I was approached by some of the girls in the Bonnie and Clyde gang. Bonnie talked me into taking a picture with her and her girls with the promise of possibly being ball girls for our next game. Well here is wishing. It is amazing how convincing pretty girls can be. I was ready to go rob a bank with them after the game, but the authorities in Sealy were already on to them and extra officers were on hand as we drove by to case the bank. Good thing as my legs were so sore that I would have been limping into the bank and probably missed the get away car.  Enjoy the Rest of your weekend and thanks to the good folks in Sealy, Katy Combine and Boerne for a great day. – Longball (Miggins)” 
          Thank you, Longball, for this excellent report on your near misadventures in the lengthening shadows of our spring Saturday post-game time in Sealy. And thank you for not getting arrested on a foolish bank robbery attempt. The Houston Babies can’t afford to lose your valuable service at first base.
          Now, if those pretty lady ghosts in the picture with you are really interested in becoming ball girls for the Houston Babies, just tell them to proceed at their earliest convenience and get in touch with our General Manager.
          That would be me.