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Buff Biographies: Bob Mabe

August 21, 2013

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Bob Mabe (5’11”, 165 lb,) (BR/TR) will always hold the distinction of having been the last 20-game winner for the Houston Buffs. He attained that 20-win plateau when he led the 1956 Texas League and Dixie Series Champions to glory with a personal pitching record of 21 wins, 10 losses, an ERA of 2.83 and 195 strikeouts in 264 innings pitched. Many great and lesser known men found 20 wins on the Houston Buff staff over the years, but after Mabe in ’56, none found that magic again in the five remaining seasons (1957-61) of the club’s existence. 1956 was also the only 20-win year in the 10-season minor league history (1950-51, 1953-1960) of Bob Mabe. His minors career mark concluded with a total of 93 wins, 70 losses, and an ERA of 3.31.

Bob Mabe voluntarily retired from baseball in 1952, but he came back in 1953.

As a member of the 4th place Houston Buffs in 1955, his first of two total seasons in Houston, Bob Mabe put up his 2nd best record in history by going 16-10 with an ERA of 3.31.

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As a 3-season big leaguer (St. Louis Cardinals, 1958; Cincinnati Reds, 1959; and Baltimore Orioles, 2 innings in 1960), Bob Mabe posted a light duty MLB tote board of 7 wins with 11 losses and a 4.82 ERA. Nevertheless, Bob Mabe did it in the twilight of those 16-team MLB days in which it was far less probable that any young aspiring pitcher would get there and see action at all. In that light, 142 total innings worked as an MLB pitcher is a pretty shiny accomplishment along the way.

Thank you, Bob Mabe, for being the last 20-game winner in the history of the Houston Buffs!

We don’t have much on the personal side of Bob Mabe’s life here at The Pecan Park Eagle beyond the monumental dates story, nor do we know if he had anything to do with organized baseball beyond his active career retirement at the end of the 1960 season. We do know that we was born in Danville, Virginia on October 8, 1929 – and that he also passed away in the city of his birth on January 9, 2005 at the age of 75.

Bob Mabe is buried at Highland Burial Park in Danville, Virginia.

God rest his soul in peace.