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Baseball Reliquary Deserves Our Support

May 16, 2017

We’ve never had the privilege of meeting Terry Cannon personally, but we can tell you this much from the stuff that drifts into our electronic grasp, vis-a-vis the Internet – we love what he’s doing out there as Executive Directory of The Baseball Reliquary in Pasadena, California. Everything that comes our way from the “BR” is almost certain evidence that our cultural commitment to the research, respect and preservation of every nook and cranny of baseball history thrives like a DNA craving for our united awareness and support of these efforts.

This latest notification by link further fleshes out plans for the Induction of Vin Scully, Bob Uecker, and Charlie Brown into the BR Shrine of Eternals on July 16, 2017 notes that the Induction event shall also include three other major activities:

The Hilda Award
Art by Ben Sakoguchi

Cam Perron with 104-year-old former Negro Leaguer Bill Stewart, the oldest known living professional baseball player.

I. The Hilda Award, named affectionately for Hilda Chester, the one-time famous cowbell ringing Brooklyn Dodger fan, will be awarded to young Tulane graduate Cam Perron for his tireless record-building work on collecting and articulating the history of the Negro Leagues, a commitment he continues to this day. Appropriately, the award is known as The Hilda Award to another selected fan, in this case to Cam Perron, for everything the young has contributed in past, present, and ongoing ways to this important effort.

2017 Tony Salin Memorial Award Recipient: Dr. Richard Santillan
Art by Ben Sakoguchi

Dr. Santillan’s latest published contribution.

II. The Tony Salin Memorial Award. Noted baseball literacy figure Tony Salin passed away in 2001, but during his lifetime, he was noted, particularly among family members as others in the greater LA area as Mr. Baseball. Recipient Dr. Richard Santillan has a life history of service to the accurate and complete memory of Latinos and their contributions to the cultures and histories of baseball and the USA.

Baseball Reliquary Speaker Dave Mesrey on the front steps of his boyhood home on Detroit’s east side.

Dave Mesrey is an honored photojournalist and one the those was saved Navin Field in Detroit. – “Today, Mesrey is hard at work with the Friends of Historic Hamtramck Stadium, helping to restore an old Negro Leagues ballpark near Detroit. When he’s not roaming the streets of Detroit cutting grass and picking up trash, Mesrey can be found at the local horse track huddled over a battered laptop writing bad poems about rusty flagpoles.” – Terry Cannon

III. Dave Mesrey, Principal Speaker, July 16, 2017.  Who among us would not want to hear Dave Mesrey speak in Pasadena, California this coming July 16, 2017?

If you would like to be there – or find out how you can do more to join and support The Baseball Reliquary effort, please contact Terry Cannon and go from there. It could be the most rewarding baseball connection you make in your baseball life. Here’s the Baseball Reliquary link for further information:


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

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