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July 15, 2017


Welcome, AT&T SPORTSNET, whoever your are! – And Goodbye, ROOT SPORTS, SOUTHWEST, whoever you were!

Here’s the link to today’s change announcement.

As the consumers in this sports presentation market, it is almost always our role to simply wait for change to force its way upon us from behind a dynamic corporate wall that is totally opaque to our eyes until we find out for ourselves what it means on our daylight side of the wall in terms of how the game is presented, made available, and priced.

We are allowed to have questions. I think. So, The Pecan Park Eagle will open with these obvious ones:

  1. For 2017, will AT&T SPORTSNET be little more than a new spelling of ROOT, with no changes in price or availability to present cable and satellite system subscribers?
  2. Will AT&T SPORTSNET make Astros games more available to Astros fans in all parts of Texas – especially to those Time Warner/Comcast system areas that only provide access to Astros games when the best team in baseball is playing the deadly dull Rangers?
  3. On the personnel side, what’s the deal with Todd Kalas? He’s missed working a number of road games recently and here we go again. The second half of the seasons breaks – and, guess what? – There’s no Todd Kalas in the booth – and no word from anyone about his recent or ongoing absence. He’s just treated as the little man who may never even have existed. – What’s the story? – The man was doing a good job. – Why is he suddenly M.I.A. at this critical turn into the rest of this really big year?
  4. Is it OK to ask someone for some explanations? Look. We are not total dummies out here. We know that we are going to get the bill for something tied to all these changes down the line, so, we’d just like to know what’s going on. OK?

Hopefully, some of our readers may have some questions they want to ask of you too. If so, please readers, record them in the comment section that follows this column.


Bill McCurdy


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle