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Astros Now Sitting in the Catbird Seat

July 6, 2017

Astros Now Sitting in the Catbird Seat


30 Games over .500 and 16 games up in the AL West on July 4th, the Houston Astros find themselves sitting in the 2017 season catbird seat as the widely lauded “best team in baseball!”

The Astros are doing all they can do to make sure that they do not fall out of the Catbird Seat come October.

For one thing, the Stros have got Field Manager A.J. Hinch and his staff watching carefully over everything they do.

For another, the Astros have got All Star players like Carlos Correa and George Springer, whose esprit de corps does not allow the club’s raging fire for winning to cool to an amber glow.

They’ve also got fiery young All Star pitchers like Lance McCullers to keep them mowing down enemy club bats.

And they’ve got future Hall of Fame little guy Jose Altuve playing everyday like the fellow he sees in his own reflection every time he takes the field.

It’s not a perfect world in Houston. HOLY TOLEDO! Sometimes we may be driving home with the game broadcast going on and, HOLY TOLEDO, we miss the familiar sound of the late Milo Hamilton one more time. Then we snap back to thinking that the current radio guys, Robert Ford and Steve Sparks, are doing a pretty good job on their own.

Speaking of media people, we do miss TV’s 30-year play-by-play guy, our old friend Bill Brown a whole lot, but the the new team of Brad Kalas and Geoff Blum is doing a great job finding their own voice as a team for the ROOTS TV broadcasts of Astro games. And they picked a great season to start their Astros coverage.

And when the ROOTS boys run dry on something to say in the booth, they can always rely on field reporter Julia Morales to come up with something nearer the game action that draws everyone’s attention.


Here’s Looking at You, Kid!

And finally, these last five photos simply show how the Astros now look to the other four American League West clubs looking up at them in early July 2017 – and in the last one, how the AL West clubs now appear to the Houston Astros club from the Catbird Seat:

(Above) The Los Angels Angels view of the Astros in July 2017.

(Above) The Texas Rangers view of the Astros in July 2017.

(Above) The Seattle Mariners view of the Astros in July 2017.

(Above) The Oakland Athletics view of the Astros in July 2017.

(Above) The Houston Astros view of the other AL West clubs from the Catbird Seat in July 2017.


Keep up the good work, guys! We are loving it in Houston!

Yum. Yum. Yummy.


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle