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Another Houston Visit By the Wings of Fate

January 15, 2017
Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

The New England Patriots have defeated the Houston Texans, 34-16, eliminating another local sports team run at that elusive thing we often reference here in the Bayou City as a major national championship. In our Houston case, it is much easier to reference national championships like The World Series or the Super Bowl than it is to reach them – and actually win them. So far, the 1994-1995 two-year NBA Champion Houston Rockets are the only local club to win the big one in any of the three major sports of baseball, football, or basketball.

Maybe someday, and in the case of we fans who’ve been consciously watching – and waiting – for seventy years, amend that wishfulness to “maybe someday soon,” we will finally receive a visit from the soaring bird of winning’s beautiful winged destiny – and stop the steady flow of low level fights into Houston on all these bad end-of-season’s nights by losing’s ugly bird of fate. It’s probably perched on the head of General Sam Houston out at Hermann Park, even as these digital words hit the page.

And thanks to for providing the courtesy photo here that describes the redundancy of this downer emotional experience better than anything anyone could possibly write. Although, I have to admit, I only personally feel this bad when it’s an Astros close-call season-ending loss – or a big UH game defeat – or another coaching loss by all the Professor Harold Hill types who come in to successfully guide my Houston Cougars for a couple of years on their stepping-stone ways to more “prestigious” bigger paying territories in the jungle of college football.

Just remember, Houstonians, if you are among one of the Texan fans who are taking the team’s disappointing loss tonight pretty hard, the same old immortal truth remains: The sun will come up again tomorrow.


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle