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An Homage to Judy Dierker and Love

December 20, 2017

JULIA “JUDY” DIERKER passed away last Friday, December 15, 2017, after a lengthy illness. Her obituary is available on the page connected to this link:

Our hearts go out to the heart of Larry Dierker and the hearts of all family members and close friends for what we know from our personal experience with the death of a truly loved one. It is the pain of all pains. One beyond estimation.

What we don’t know at first, but which always follows over time, is that true love never leaves. It stays. And it continues to give in ways we may never know it would – and it will do so – through the completion of our own human time on this earth.

Some of us believe that’s true because “God is Love,” and so, wherever God goes, Love goes too. And, like God, because Love is God, Love never leaves – wherever it goes. It stays. And it is far more powerful than any sense of loss or hurt that lands – also in our hearts.

In the end, only love prevails.

God Bless You All, Larry Dierker, Family, and Friends – because you already are so blessed to have had Judy in your lives for all this time.

People like Judy Dierker are in our lives to teach us life’s most beautiful and powerful lesson: If we want more love, we have to become willing to pass true love on to others by giving it away – in ways large and small.

From the little we family outsiders here could know, it appears likely that Judy Dierker had to have been one of the people who already understood that “if you want to keep the full glow of love burning brightest, you have to be willing to continue giving it away to the world.”

Judy may now be gone in physical form, but the gifts of love that passed through her to others in her lifetime shall live on as the active unstoppable energy of her caring – and as much like a force of nature that flows forever in our wildest imaginings – as constantly and as steadily – as the Great Falls of Niagara or the ever-roaring roll of the Mighty Mississippi, on its long southern journey to the sea.

Judy’s energies will stay in motion forever, even in her absence. The good she did shall also keep hurdling over cliffs and rolling a thousand miles to the ocean of love’s home of effort. It is unstoppable.

Rest in Peace, Judy Dierker. And may God continue to bless all our lives with the Love that is the essence that rests in the heartbeat of every breath we draw into our bodies – separately and together – in the good company of the love that steers us to embrace love for what it truly is.

God Rest Ye, Merry Gentle Men and Women! ~ Let Nothing You Dismay!

~ The Pecan Park Eagle



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle