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A Bagwell-Biggio Numbers Irony

January 22, 2017
Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell 100% Hall of Fame 100% Houston Astros 100% Class

Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell
100% Hall of Fame!
100% Houston Astros!
100% Class!


When it finally dawned upon us last night, the following Bagwell-Biggio numbers irony was added as a subject-unrelated footnote to the previous column on home runs and the Hall of Fame.

This morning it rides again for the attention who missed it there. If you believe in the numerical revelation of of god and bad luck, this one feels like a contribution to the Houston Astros’ “Serendipitous Good Fortune Hopper.” Even if the good energy benefits extend only to our two pure Astro members of the Hall of Fame, the Pecan Park Eagle is totally to the good with the outcome, but we shall push our hopes to the possibility that this “Good Times Roller” also extends to Manager A.J. Hinch and the 2017 Astros going all the way to the World Series and then taking that elusive sucker!

We will gladly settle for a final score in the deciding game of the 2017 World Series of Astros 7 – Whomevers 5.

Here’s a verbatim excerpt of how we reported our discovery of this magical numerical crossover blend. For the record, a crossover blend is a numerical occurrence which unites two associated people, or other entities, by two different numbers that are normally significant to each figure separately, but are now ironically  shared in a doubly reversed assignment pattern of each number to the other figure in the pairing because of a mutually occurring event that affects both parties. The Bagwell-Biggio Hall of Fame example is a quick, clear example of this  explanation:


HOF Note: A Bagwell/Biggio Induction Year Numbers Irony ….

Very Interesting! – It only now occurred to us ~ Jeff Bagwell’s uniform # 5 appears as the last digit in Craig Biggio’s 2015 HOF selection year. ~ Craig Biggio’s uniform # 7 appears as the last digit in Jeff Bagwell’s 2017 HOF selection year.

Mighty Superstition …. writing on the wall!

~ excerpt from “Home Runs and the Hall of Fame”, The Pecan Park Eagle, January 22, 2017.


Fortunately, we of The Pecan Park Eagle are not particularly bound by superstitions. My cure occurred around age 12, when I decided that I needed to carry my prized Stan Musial baseball card in my hip pants pocket during a big Eagles game. We won the game, but it must have been 100 degrees in the houston east end that 1950 summer day. My prized Musial card was ruined. “Never again,” I thought, when I got home. I even knocked on wood to reinforce my sincerity about giving up superstition.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

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