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A 2017 Spring Trivia Quiz

April 1, 2017

Season Slogan
The 2017 Houston Astros


A 2017 Spring Trivia Quiz

Here’s a little mindercise activity to start off the month of April.

APRIL FOOL! – Nobody’s insistent upon a lot of work when the brand new 2017 baseball season begins in only two days. With the changes the club has made since last year, thanks to owner Jim Crane and General Manager Jeff Luhnow, the growing passion and maturity of Manager A.J. Hinch, the general excitement over the coming of age among so many promising and already great younger players, the presence of Jose Altuve, the return of Carlos Beltran, the near future slugger prospects of Derek Fisher, and the hope for the immediate return of the true Dallas Keuchel, – all of that and more – and the fans and players alike can hardly wait until Monday night.

We also like the Astros’ new “Earn It” 2017 slogan. When a club has the material to live up to that hope, this is an especially good time to embrace it. – GO ASTROS! NO APRIL FOOLING! START EARNING IT AND WE SHALL NOT ONLY HANG WITH YOU THIS YEAR AT THE CORE, WE SHALL ALSO GROW IN NUMBERS FROM THE NEXT LEVEL OF BANDWAGON FANS WHO ARE SURE TO JOIN US! – And, yes, all those words deserved a big shout-out in CAPS!

In the meanwhile, here’s a little April 1st quiz that was sponsored by our recognition of how many two-word rhyming phrases there are out there that match up well to “earn it”, but it’s no April Fool joke. All of these nine other “groups” with slogans that rhyme with “earn it” have real and distinctively separate answers from each other. Some may be close, but they are all distinctly different.

See how many you can get right. Then add your matching list of numbers (1-10) of slogan sponsors with specific slogans (A-J) and post your responses as a comment in the section which follows this article.

When we have our first 100% correct answer entry posted, the Pecan Park Eagle will step in on-line and raise the winner’s hand. You each already know that 2-E is correct.

And, hey, look at it this way. You are all starting with one correct answer in hand.

The “Earn It” 2017 Spring Trivia Quiz Chart:

Sponsor Slogan
1. American Crematories A) Turn It
2. 2017 Houston Astros B) Stern It
3. Butter Creameries Co. C) Durn It
4. The Anti-Sinners League D) Burn It
5. The Second Language School E) Earn It
6. League for Softer Words than “Damn” F) Spurn It
7. Funeral Fashions Exclusively G) Urn It
8. Our Universal Wish at the Wheel of Fortune H) Fern It
9. Unimaginative Flower Beds, Inc. I) Learn It
10. The Eternal Soul Vase Company J) Churn It


If you do not submit an entry, no problem. Readers who do submit, who know you also as a reader, will simply assume that you were too busy to try or didn’t have a clue beyond the first given answer provided for you.

Bigger reason – it’s all in fun. Feel free to play or not.

~ The Pecan Park Eagle


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas