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Carlos Correa is 1st Puerto Rican to Head Draft

June 5, 2012

Carlos Correa even bears slight resemblance to Alex Rodrigues.

It’s too bad we can’t really tell the future. If we could, the Astros never would have drafted Phil Nevin over Derek Jeter back in 1992 and we might even be looking back at one of the great double play infields of all time: Jeter to Biggio to Bagwell.

That’s just not the reality that embraces us. All we can do now is hope that Mr. Jeff Luhnow, Director of the Houston Astros’ newly formed and still straddling mustang of choice, the Baseball Decision-making Science Institute, has pulled the right plug on probability and drafted a guy in Carlos Correa who will prove over time that he was not only the best pick, but also the best player available in the draft of 2012.

It’s easy to look back at any team’s previous draft record and note the great players that have been overlooked in favor of names no one recalls today. The Houston Chronicle has been doing it with the Houston Astros all week in the time leading up to yesterday’s early round choices, but that’s OK. The Nevin over Jeter pick by the Stros back in ’92 is just the most glamorized example of how wrong a team can be with their forecasting. So what? As far as I’m concerned, it’s all the more reason to support GM Luhnow’s plan to promote decision-making as a scientific process that will improve long-term results as it also improves over time as an always dynamic system for making personnel decisions.

Decison-making is a long, long trip. We are never “there yet.” We are always complexly en route, hoping to get better as we go along – and trying to learn a little something from each mistake we make that will help us the next time we reach a similar looking crossroad.

Good luck, Carlos Correa, presuming you sign with the Astros. At your current age of 17, I’ve still got some hope that our number one amateur baseball draft pick will turn out to be good enough to reach the Astros roster before I turn 80, but this much is clear, even now. You are my last hope in that regard.