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Honest Larry Miggins

May 2, 2013

Columbus 50 Team

To fully appreciate this brief story, you may first need to either know the man or to have heard this story which I wrote about three years ago. Others have written about it too:

To have been such an honest man, it’s helpful to also see his face as he appeared in 1950 as a Columbus Redbird.

Larry Miggins, LF 1950 Columbus Redbirds

Larry Miggins, LF
1950 Columbus Redbirds

Another present Houstonian and former Houston Buff that played in the “1950 Columbus Honest Man” game is Solly Hemus, shown here also as a Redbird shortstop. ┬áTo no avail, Solly was on the “index-finger-over-the-lips-keep-your-mouth-shut-Larry” side of things that day.

Solly Hemus, SS 1950 Columbus Redbirds

Solly Hemus, SS
1950 Columbus Redbirds

Larry Miggins is the most honest man ever. He told the truth, even though it wasn’t what his teammates or the home town Columbus fans wanted to hear him say that day in left field.

What a privilege it is to be the friend of Larry Miggins and a fellow member with him in SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research. This coming Saturday, we are going together to the Sugar Land Skeeters game with a group of fellow SABR members.

Hope to see you there. The baseball climate and ambience at Constellation Field comes pretty close to portraying what it was like to watch baseball at old Buff Stadium (1928-1961). If only we had more organ baseball park music and less “modern” stuff, but that’s probably just my antique patina soul dimming the lights a little.