The Pecan Park Eagle Has Soared Into the Great Beyond . . .

. . . a place an infinite number of times further than Babe Ruth’s 575-foot homer out of Navin Field, surpassing beyond Mickey Mantle’s mythical 643-foot homer – soaring in spirit is The Pecan Park Eagle, high above the billowing clouds of a spring morning, in flight destiny – to all that is bright and beautiful.

It is with a heart heavier than a bag of every ball hit in the game of base that my father, Bill McCurdy, is no longer of this realm of existence. He passed away at 8 in the morning, Saturday, April 27, 2019. He leaves behind his wife (my mom), Norma, a son (myself), Casey, a brother, John Carroll McCurdy (who just lost his wife, Linda, on the 2nd of this month), nieces Jennifer and Emily McCurdy, and a nephew, Daniel McCurdy. He is preceded in death by his sister, Margery Ruth McCurdy, who passed April of 2018. (We are really weary of April now.)

You are all invited to come say farewell to the greatest baseball historian of our time, a man who has touched many lives as a psychotherapist and humanitarian, a gentle soul who always encouraged others to follow their passions and individuality, a loving and devoted husband, an ever-present loving father I was ever so privileged to grow up with, and a spiritual being who believed God is love.

Services will be held at:
Forest Park Lawndale
6900 Lawndale Ave.
Houston, TX 77023

All events will occur at the funeral home.

Visitation – Sun. 5/5, Colonial Chapel @ 5-7:30pm
Rosary – Sun. 5/5, Colonial Chapel @ 7:30pm
Funeral Mass – Mon. 5/6, Colonial Chapel @ 11am

There is a special consolation in this melancholy reunion; because you once held a larger world within you, I found a larger world in me. Fly home, Dad, fly home.


– Casey McCurdy

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