Carroll Hardy’s Life: Like a Box of Chocolates

Ted Williams and Carroll Hardy ~ in a mid-1980s memoir moment.

Carroll Hardy’s ability to be in the right place at the right time married well to his dynamic talent for using his skills, talent, intelligence and luck to the best advantage of his on-the-plate opportunities.

  1. He lettered in track, football, and baseball at the University of Colorado.
  2. He set university records in each sport that survive to this day.
  3. He was the most valuable player in the 1954 Hula Bowl
  4. He was the 34th pick in the 1955 NFL draft as a running back for the SF 49ers.
  5. He was a TD pass favorite receiver of 49ers QB Y.A. Tittle in 1955.
  6. In 1958, he hit his first MLB home run as a pinch hitter for Roger Maris.
  7. He was the only player in baseball history to pinch hit for Ted Williams.
  8. In 1960, he was booed at Fenway for replacing Williams in left in his last game.
  9. He was the only player to pinch hit for both Ted Williams.and Carl Yastrzemski.
  10. In December 1962 he was traded to the Houston Colt .45s by the Boston Red Sox.
  11. After 1963-64 in Houston, he played at Minnesota in 1967 and was done – with baseball.
  12. In 1968, he began a two decade run as an executive with the Denver Broncos of the NFL.

Carroll Hardy has sometimes been referenced as “The Forest Gump of Real Life.” Here’s one link to some of the big moments we listed here and, with a little googling of your own, you will find much more on one of the most colorful “name” players to pass through Houston in our city’s early big league days.

Well, Carroll Hardy was no Forest Gump ~ and neither was he the twin brother of “Joe Hardy” of “Damn Yankees”, soul-selling notoriety, but he was a bright, multi-talented human being whose dimmest star quality, unfortunately, just turned out to be his measurable performance for the stat-brokers of baseball.



3 Responses to “Carroll Hardy’s Life: Like a Box of Chocolates”

  1. Larry Dierker Says:

    An amazing athlete. When I retired and took up basketball and racquetball, I was one of the better players, but not the best in either — even in that small world. Most pro athletes are like me—one off the charts tool and otherwise athletic. Perhaps Dave Winfield could have played in the NBA. Ron Reed played briefly In the NBA and I think Dave Debuesher pitched in the big leagues. But Hardy’s exploits are tough to beat.

  2. maxwell1901 Says:

    And Fergie Jenkins. He was a skilled basketball player, even playing a year or two for the Globetrotters, and his best sport of all was hockey. His father, also Fergie, wouldn’t let him play professional hockey because he worried about his son getting hurt.

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