Let’s Hope He’s Wrong on Marwin to Angels

It’s that time of the year! MLB clubs are selling opportunity. MLB players are selling talent. And neither side wants to end up with something that feels like a box of used baseballs.


In these crisp early moments of the fall free agency signing speculation period, B.J. Anderson of MLB.com has filled his blank white electronic space at CBS.com with black type on where he thinks some prominent MLB talent is going to land in 2019.

Here’s what he had to say about the projected near futures of Dallas Keuchel, Marwin Gonzalez, Charlie Morton and Evan Gattis:

Cincinnati Reds: LHP Dallas Keuchel

Dallas Keuchel

“The Reds are halfway to being a competitive team — they just need to improve their pitching. Let’s swing for the fences with Keuchel, who could slip through the cracks due to his low-heat, low-spin approach. Keuchel would bring some legitimacy to the front of Cincinnati’s rotation and could prove to be a relative bargain, depending on how other teams view him. The Reds, for their part, have hinted that they’re going to be aggressive in their pursuit of pitching this winter. Here you go.”

~ B.J. Anderson

Our TPPE Take: Not sure where Dallas is going, but think as many others do that he will have suitors that are more in need of his talents than the Astros will ever think to offer him for 2019 and beyond at his age and growing history of inconsistency. ~ Goodbye, Dallas.


Los Angeles Angels: UTL Marwin Gonzalez

Marwin Gonzalez

“Gonzalez would makes sense for a lot of teams in a versatile role. With the Angels, his protean nature means he could take on a more steady role as the most-days second or third baseman, depending on where Brad Ausmus wants Zack Cozart stationed.”

~ B.J. Anderson

Our TPPE Take: Do whatever you need to do to keep him, Astros. Even with down numbers in 2018, he’s still the club’s best version of “Ghostbusters” in scary times when it come to filling an unexpected position need in any game situation that arises and, next to a normally healthy Jose Altuve, he’s the other guy you want to see at the plate in any critical game time at bat. ~ Marry him into the family, Jeff Luhnow, and simply never let him go until its back-up-the-truck time. If we do lose him, we sure don’t need to see him going to another member of our AL West division, teaming with Angels manager Brad Ausmus as a new recurring nightmare.


Milwaukee Brewers: RHP Charlie Morton

Charlie Morton

“Morton is a thoughtful, well-traveled righty who would give the Brewers rotation a boost. Maybe they continue to shy away from using resources on starters, but his age will likely drive down his cost.”

~ B.J. Anderson

Our TPPE Take: Loving old dead pan Charlie’s poker face demeanor and normal control of variable speed stuff would help any club’s rotation. Unless he’s damaged goods or off the cliff on his control and inner fire, let’s do what we can to keep him as a pillar in the 2019 Astros rotation.


Seattle Mariners: DH/C Evan Gattis


Evan Gattis

“The Mariners will be in the market for a new DH if Nelson Cruz signs with a different team. Gattis would make sense as a league-average batter who can, in theory, see some action behind the dish. No one is going to fully replace Cruz, but Gattis figures to come cheaper.”

~ B.J. Anderson

Our TPPE Take: We’re good with this one, We need a DH with a better skill set as a batter ~ one who can work the pitch count, run better, hit for a better average, and do more things in the field, if needed. How often did we see Gattis come into a game late with critical runners in scoring position and then pop out on a hasty first pitch to kill the last hope. Seattle is in our division, however, and it would be preferable to see Gattis also sign with a club outside our division. We don’t need to face “The Incredible Hulk” any more often than possible.


Writer Anderson also ventured a guess that catcher Wilson Ramos might be joining the Astros as their 2019 replacement for the untendered offer to Brian McCann and the now presumably lost Martin Maldonado. TPPE has no strong opinion on this possibility, other than to regret the fact that McCann finally got too old to do what he once did so well for so long. Maldonado also showed signs of improvement too. WHere’s he going, for Chris-sake?

At any rate, here’s the link to the entire article by B.J. Anderson:


Have a nice weekend, everybody!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


3 Responses to “Let’s Hope He’s Wrong on Marwin to Angels”

  1. Mike McCroskey Says:

    I would still like to see 25 year old A J Reed get a full shot at the DH slot after consecutive 100 RBI years at AAA. Awesome power and a .350 OBP.

  2. Larry Dierker Says:

    A left handed and hitting first baseman would be an improvement. I’m not sure A. J. Is the guy.

  3. gregclucas Says:

    Add me to the “don’t lose Marwin” crowd. What folks over-look is his value when others get hurt…not just his work on a regular basis to give guys a day off. Second half of 2018 his numbers were comparable to his superb 2017 offensive season. Even hit two HR in the post season! For Marwin he has established what he can do with the folks who run the Astros. Anywhere else not so. Three year contract for $10-million/year should work. Gives him a boost of about $3-million annually and ends about when a player’s year to year hiring kicks in. Astros can afford it. He is also a REAL utility player who plays any position with above average skill. Don’t have to hide a lack or arm, or shaky skills. He is fully skilled to play anywhere with excellence. Kemp, for instance is a utility player with a much less strong throwing arm. Can he play the left side of the IF? Marwin can fit anywhere. Those are very rare players. Astros at the very least have to be in the bidding for Marwin.

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